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Zoe Ever After

Zoe Moon a newly single mother mother wants to start a cosmetics buisness.

Duration: 20 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 5.8

Season 1 - Zoe Ever After
"In the Season 1 finale, Zoe skips Gemini's title fight; and Valente and Pearl learn why it's important to be true to one's self."
"Zoe makes a business deal without the help of Gemini; Pearl meets the man of her dreams; and Gemini realizes the uphill struggle he faces in the ring."
"Zoe is not happy after she thinks that Miguel has told Gemini about her Atlantic City getaway."
"Zoe is contacted by her Woulda/Coulda/Shoulda from college."
"Pearl needs Valente's help; and Zoe juggles work, motherhood and home repairs."
"In the series premiere, Zoe tries to prepare for a different type of parenting as she awaits a divorce from her celebrity husband and begins pursuing her dream career in the cosmetics industry; Valente introduces Pearl to the world off online dating."