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Zeke and Luther

Zeke and Luther is an American Disney XD animated sitcom about two best friends setting their sights on becoming the world's greatest skateboarders. The show stars Hutch Dano, Adam Hicks, Daniel Curtis Lee and Ryan Newman. Zeke and Luther is set in the northern part of Gilroy, California, specifically in the fictional area of Pacific Terrace, which is stated frequently throughout the series. Gilroy was also mentioned occasionally in the Disney Channel series Even Stevens, which was also created by Zeke and Luther co-creator Matt Dearborn. The episode "Bros Go Pro" was made available to download for free on iTunes in the beginning of June, two weeks before the show's television premiere. The series premiered on June 15, 2009 in the U.S. On August 2, 2010, it was announced that Zeke and Luther had been renewed for a third season which premiered on February 28, 2011. On June 18, 2011, in an interview with, Matt Dearborn confirmed that the show's third season would be its last. The show is currently Disney XD's longest running original series and first to make it to a third season. The one-hour series finale aired on April 2, 2012.
Season 2 - Zeke and Luther
"Zeke and Luther get jobs as a mall Santa and elf. Kirby Cheddar visits. Luther meanwhile tells Kirby's mom that Kirby wants a special skateboard, two of them that both Zeke and Luther want. So, they get their gift from Kirby as he says he didn't want it. Zeke and Luther then try to make it better, although they can't find the gift he wants. So they give him a football. Santa magically changes it to what he wants. But it all ends up happily. Santa Claus teaches Ginger the true meaning of Christmas."
"Zeke and Luther try to get rid of a giant ball of trash."
"Zeke and Luther must choose between two company sponsors."
"Kojo has crush on Zeke's visiting cousin Mia (Lili Simmons)."
"After finding the best manager of skate in the world, Zeke and Luther show a video of your stunts. The entrepreneur likes them, but find they are very young. After a poster boys come out of the water mark of a Korean Zeke and Luther says he can and who speak Korean. They go and do the propaganda. But after Luther without wanting to throw up water on the brand owner, everything goes wrong."
"Pro-skateboarder Tony Hawk arrives when Zeke and Luther set out to accomplish everything on their "bro list" before Luther moves out of town. As they complete each item on the list, they come down to the final task – to meet and skateboard with pro-skateboarder Tony Hawk. After searching high and low for the famous skateboarder, the guys finally have a chance to come face to face with their idol."
"Luther gets a new robotic knee; Luther must choose between saving his new knee or his best friend."
"Luther tries to spend time with his little brother Roy (Davis Cleveland) but he goes off and starts hanging with the Plunks, while Ginger gets mad at Zeke because his brother is trying to be nice but always ends up failing."
"When Zeke and Luther convince an amateur at the skate park to try skateboarding full-time, they discover they've talked their favorite wrestler into quitting his day job."
"Zeke and Luther mistakenly assume the store they work at is being robbed. Meanwhile Ginger obsesses over a stuffed toy in a claw machine."
"Zeke and Luther fear they will get a bad grade in shop class since their Nana rejects their teacher's marriage proposal. Meanwhile, Ginger gets a cereal named after her."
"Zeke and Luther train with "Jumpsuit" Johnson to pull off a stunt with his rocket to get into a skateboarding magazine. Meanwhile, Ginger tries to get back a hat from Ozzie that is believed to have been worn by Abraham Lincoln."
"Zeke and Luther try to find a treasure of a famous banjo player/bank robber."
"Deputy Dingle requires Zeke and Luther to participate in the station's Police Ride-Along Program and Luther really takes to the job. Meanwhile, Ginger accidentally gets kissed by Stinky Cast."
"Zeke dreams of a nearly impossible trick in which he balances atop his board while it stands vertically."
"Zeke and Luther are as excited as they can be when they get summer jobs at a skateboard testing factory; but before long, things start to become suspicious and they realize that their boss, Garm Garoosh, an ex-professional skater, is out to destroy Luther Waffles for ending his skateboard career. Meanwhile, Ginger tags along with the guys to sell her potato wedge maker to Mr. Garoosh and Nana Waffles wrecks Luther's room while he is gone."
"Zeke, Luther and Kojo misplace their friend Kirby Cheddar after having a snow cone party with decade-expired snow cone syrup."
"Kojo recruits Tiki Delgado, a professional skater, to compete against Zeke and Luther in a skating competition. But when Tiki turns out to be a jerk, Zeke and Luther encourage Kojo not to be pushed around by him anymore. Meanwhile, Luther is being haunted by a man-sized banana. Or as Luther calls it "The Manana"."
"Zeke and Luther chase after the Plunks, who have stolen Nana Waffles' wig."
"Zeke and Luther are both smitten by a BMX biker girl named Dani, so Kojo offers to play matchmaker and oversee a series of dates with them to determine which skater boy Dani likes best."
"Zeke is astonished when Ginger takes up interest in skateboarding after Luther secretly gives her lessons in exchange for helping him fill out a video game rental form. Zeke later finds out that the only reason why Ginger is interested in the sport is because of her having a crush on Deuce (Ryan Ochoa), the new kid in town. Ginger is willing to do anything to impress Deuce even if that means skateboarding on "Old Nasty", a dangerous contraption Zeke and Luther help build at "Ramps"."
"Luther becomes frustrated with Ozzie "posing" as a skater and wants him to stop once and for all. So Zeke encourages Ozzie to try skate photography. When the photos are taken, Ozzie purposely photoshops his head onto Luther's body when he performs a great skateboarding move. Luther becomes upset by this and challenges Ozzie to a mixed martial arts match, not realizing that Ozzie only did that to impress his older and more talented brother. Meanwhile, Zeke and Ginger pull bathroom pranks on each other and Kojo tries to impress his girlfriend, Monica with his singing."
"After a string of bad luck with their skateboarding, Zeke and Luther form an air rock band with Kojo and Ozzie joining later on. Everything goes well until Luther takes the hobby way too seriously, making Zeke upset and having Luther fire him from the band. Meanwhile, Ginger is determined to win as many contests as possible at the county fair."
"Luther decides to retire from skateboarding after he is told he will grow to be over 7 feet tall."
"Zeke reluctantly agrees to perform a skate stunt where he jumps over a shark tank — with a shark inside it. Meanwhile, Ginger, believing that Zeke won't survive the stunt, finds a replacement brother."
Season 1 - Zeke and Luther