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WWE Rivals


Duration: 43 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2022

IMDb: 0

Season 1 - WWE Rivals
"Stephanie McMahon & Brie Bella's on-screen rivalry inspired a revolution in sports entertainment, showing that two women could be main event superstars and draw money, just as well as their male counterparts. Stephanie hadn't competed in the ring in over a decade and her match with Brie at SummerSlam was a pinnacle moment for them as well as the entire female superstar roster. A roundtable of experts featuring Freddie Prinze Jr., Kevin Nash, Kofi Kingston, Tamina and John Bradshaw Layfield, digs into this unforgettable rivalry."
"The on-screen rivalry between Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio was a true battle between two of the most dynamic and successful luchadores in sports entertainment history. From their revolutionary matches to their intense plot line involving Rey's son Dominick, both Rey & Eddie pushed the envelope when it came to storytelling inside and outside of the ring. A roundtable of experts composed of Freddie Prinze Jr., Kevin Nash, Natalya Neidhart, Bayley and John Bradshaw Layfield, break down this emotional journey."
"In 2006, John Cena & Edge's battle over the WWE Championship brought both Superstars to new heights...something they only could have reached together. Their combustible rivalry saw two men who appeared on-screen as opposites, but shared the same goal of becoming champions. Cena and Edge relive their epic conflicts against one another exclusively here. Plus, Freddie Prinze Jr. breaks down what made this all so memorable in a roundtable discussion with Kevin Nash, Cody Rhodes, Beth Phoenix and John Bradshaw Layfield."
"The twenty year rivalry of two of the greatest characters in WWE history, Undertaker and Kane, is explored in this episode. From outlandish matches that featured fire to ending in a casket, the on-screen animosity and behind-the-scenes friendship resulted in one of WWE's greatest and most legendary stories. Former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. leads a roundtable of Legends and Superstars that includes Kevin Nash, Kofi Kingston, Tamina and John Bradshaw Layfield, breaking down one of WWE's most legendary stories."