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WITS Academy

Now a Guardian in training at WITS Academy, the Magic Realm's most esteemed school for Witches and Wizards in Training, it seems like Andi’s dream has finally come true. But as the best friend and unofficial Guardian to the Chosen One, she’ll have to work hard to prove that she can live up to expectations as the first (and only) human Guardian. Plus, she’s in charge of getting the Magical Realm’s toughest witch and wizard to graduation day, one of which is Jax's little sister Jessie! Along the way she’ll have to decide who is a friend, who is a foe and who may be more…
Season 1 - WITS Academy
"Emma wants Andi's assistance to investigate the Dyad tree. Meanwhile, Ruby plans a cataclysmic strike against Andi."
"Andi helps Leo catch the fugitive and competes in the shield trials. Meanwhile, Emily reveals a secret to Ruby, and it causes trouble for the Dyad tree."
"Ruby becomes nice after being hit by her own docile spell. Meanwhile, Andi investigates how Ruby can perform magic and Cameron is suspected to be the escaped fugitive."
"The mysterious intruder reveals himself. Andi reconsiders going out with Luke and finds the perfect object to make her shield triumph beyond the rest."
"The Guardians receive a new shield building assignment but are partnered with different WITs. Also, while under a spell, Luke tries to woo Andi."
"The Guardians' fitness finals have arrived; Jessie and Emily duel; Luke and Andi grow closer; Ruby's spell on Andi goes horribly wrong."
"Andi must train extra hard for the Guardians' fitness finals; Jessie and Emily's feud escalates; Ruby discovers a risky spell she wants to use on Andi."
"Coach Foiler arrives and gives Andi a hard time; Andi works to get Jessie's powers back; Ruby finds an unlikely magic coach in Emily."
"Andi tries to get Jessie's powers back; Jessie befriends Ethan; Ben tries to be like Luke; Ruby begins honing her new powers."
"Andi, Ruby, Luke and all their witches-in-training must work together to reverse a switcheroo spell on Ethan and Emily; Ruby has everyone fooled."
"Andi and Jessie search for Hex; the Blockers competition commences; Ruby hunts for a spell that will return her to the roots room."
"Ruby is determined to find the room with the magical sap; Andi copies another Guardian's teaching method."
"The WITS complete their first test; Ben struggles with the second challenge; Ruby has it out for Andi."
"Andi Cruz arrives at the prestigious WITS Academy and meets the other Guardians and witches-in-training."