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Who Killed Jane Doe?

Behind the discovery of every Jane Doe lies two stories: the detectives puzzling out her identity and how she died, and her family struggling to find her. In each episode, we give a voice to the nameless and a final resting place to a missing loved one.

Genre: Documentary , Crime

Actor: Kevin Conway


Country: USA

Duration: 42 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 7.8

Season 2 - Who Killed Jane Doe?
"The body of an unidentified young woman turns up on the side of a highway in Oklahoma; her name remains a mystery until investigators find a family looking for their missing daughter, who had become ensnared in a suspicious relationship."
"A transient discovers the body of an unidentified teenage girl in a culvert near an Arizona freeway close to the Mexican border; previously, a Washington teenager travels in search of love and attention after a troubled childhood."
"While searching for a lost wallet along a wooded trail in Wildwood, Fla., two all-terrain vehicle riders find a woman's scattered bones instead; meanwhile, family and friends search for their missing loved one."
"While searching for coyotes in a pasture, ranch hands find the body of a murdered woman in a roadside ditch; meanwhile, a young mother goes missing, and both cases go cold."
"An unidentified Jane Doe is discovered in the Mojave Desert in Apple Valley, Calif., and it will take nearly 20 years for the case to be solved, bringing to light a twisted tale of love and jealousy."
"A woman's body is found in a tent bag in the Kentucky woods. A thousand miles away, a family searches for a missing mother of three. Both cases go unsolved for decades, until a man's obsession and a family's determination converge, uncovering the truth."
Season 1 - Who Killed Jane Doe?