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Wartime Crime

While the battlefields of WWII were a stage for acts of heroism, strategic cunning, and horrific atrocities, conditions on the home front seemed more stable. Yet from bombed-out London to occupied France, the war enabled one thing to flourish - crime.

Genre: Documentary

Actor: Mike Bodie , Chris Pollard


Country: UK

Duration: 43 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 7.3

Season 1 - Wartime Crime
"Incensed by their treatment under Mussolini's regime and anxious to re-establish their European criminal network, Mafiosi including incarcerated kingpin Charles "Lucky" Luciano offered their full support to American intelligence officers."
"In Nazi Germany and Britain, the blackouts were a necessity for defending lives and property from enemy bombing but proved a useful tool for predatory criminals, allowing two serial killers who used the absolute darkness to prey upon victims."
"Racial tension in pre-war America and WWII are spotlighted."
"When the U.S. military takes over the German Kronberg castle in 1945, an affair between a U.S. Army captain and Air Force officer results in an elaborate treasure heist."
"Billy Hill was the most powerful Kingpin in Britain's post-war underworld, but the secret behind Hill's empire is little known."
"Known for his dubious medical practices and shady financial deals, the Nazi occupation liberated Dr. Marcel Petio's murderous instincts, enabling him to embark on a killing spree."