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Whether it's due to a lack of style, the wrong job, or even just a bad haircut, everyone goes through a time in their lives when they're undateable. Most of us eventually grow out of it, but some people need a little more help than others. Enter Danny Burton. Confident, attractive and impervious to outside opinions, 29-year-old Danny – who may be in a state of arrested development himself – decides to help out his new roommate, Justin Kearney, the owner of an unsuccessful bar and a chronic overthinker, and Justin's group of oddball friends – Shelly, Burski and Brett. Danny introduces the gang to his recently divorced older sister, Leslie, who immediately bonds with this group of guys, as she feels a little stuck in her own life as well. The gang spends most of their time at Justin's bar, helping solve each other's respective problems over beers, and while they love to give each other a hard time, they always have each other's back. Plot Summary: Danny Burton is a 30-ish carefree single guy who has watched most of his friends move on to serious relationships. When his last remaining friend Shannon moves out to get married, Danny searches for a new roommate. A promising candidate is Justin, the owner of Black Eyes Bar in Detroit (frequently mispronounced "Black Guys Bar"). Justin and his friends - the nerdy Burski, oddball Shelly, and recently out-of-the-closet gay guy Brett - all have certain qualities that make them appear "undateable". While Danny himself has good luck getting women into bed, he is unable or unwilling to form a lasting commitment with any of them. Danny's attractive sister, Leslie, has similar fears about being undateable, having the "baggage" of being a mid-30s divorcee.

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 6.2

Season 3 - Undateable
"Danny and Justin face-off after Justin has the Backstreet Boys help him with a surprise. Meanwhile, the gang teams up to help Candace get something back from her ex-boyfriend, Trent."
"Brett is preparing to take the U.S. citizenship test, but loses his lucky American flag sweater that his mother knit for him. When Danny and Justin find a street dancer wearing the sweater, they try to win it back by having the bar crew (as "Danny's Boyz") challenge the performer and his crew to a dance-off. Meanwhile, Burski wants Danny to prove his friendship by helping him find the perfect birthday gift for Leslie."
"Danny is distraught and confused when Charlotte rates him only a 6 out of 10 in the bedroom. After Charlotte explains that Danny is great at sex but not so good at "making love", Justin resolves to teach his friend about intimacy. Meanwhile, Candace gets advice from both Charlotte and Leslie on how to act sexier for Justin."
"Candace's dog is accused of fathering a litter of puppies, and she is being pressured to pay $1,200 in "puppy support". Justin vows to get DNA from a puppy to prove Candace's dog is not the father, only to learn the owner of the mom dog is a large, scary man who runs a home for recently released prisoners. Elsewhere, Burski and Leslie have differing views on what their kiss in the previous episode might have meant, while Shelly announces he's hosting a holiday party only to find that all of his friends are heading somewhere else."
"Danny gets mad when Justin plans to set him up with an old high school acquaintance, only to find out that it's Charlotte (Whitney Cummings), a bridesmaid he just hit on from the bachelorette party in the bar. Meanwhile, Brett meets the "gay male friend" at the bachelorette party and sleeps with him, but he later learns the man is the groom."
"Jackie (Christa Miller), the older woman to whom Danny lost his virginity when he was 17, is returning to town. While Danny assures his friends that Jackie can no longer control him like she did when he was younger, it quickly becomes clear that she can still get him to do whatever she wants."
"The gang all learns that Mike (played by Bianca Kajlich's real-life husband Mike Catherwood) is going to propose to Leslie. Danny is tasked with keeping Leslie distracted, only to hear his sister say she thinks Mike is way more serious about their relationship than she is. Danny then leaks the secret about the ring, making Leslie angry."
"Danny and the gang suspect that Candace is getting annoyed with Justin's nonstop romantic gestures, but is afraid to tell him. Danny is able to coax a confession from her while Justin is in costume, listening nearby. Justin worries that Candace no longer likes the "real" him, but advice from Leslie helps save the relationship. In the end, Candace says "I love you" to Justin for the first time, and Justin responds in kind."
"In order to help out his mom, Shelly has to quit his job, move out of his place, and temporarily live with Danny and Justin. Justin wants to offer the upstairs loft at the bar to Shelly as a more permanent home, but Danny says Shelly will be too proud to accept charity. Justin makes up a story about the bar being robbed and needing someone there at night, and gets the gang to go along with it. Shelly suspects something is fishy, and he uses his "truth hugs" to extract the real story."
"Candace and Justin walk in on Danny as he prepares to have sex with a woman he just met. Candace engages the woman in conversation, which embarrasses Danny and causes the woman to walk out. Danny is furious with Candace, and tries to put Justin in the middle of their argument. Justin is about to side with Candace when Danny, for the first time, says Justin is his best friend. Conflicted, Justin retreats to his office, and can only be coaxed out with a Grease sing-along."
"The gang learns that Burski only landed his current date by pretending to be blind. As Danny did with Justin, Leslie sabotages Burski's relationship by flashing her breasts, which reveals Burski can see just fine. She later apologizes, telling Burski his constant attention to her looks makes her feel good about herself, and that seeing him with another woman made her a bit jealous. Burski insists any woman he is with right now is only practice for the day when he will win Leslie's affection. Meanwhile, Danny sort of apologizes to Justin for breaking up Candace and him, and helps push the two back together."
"(Part 1) Justin and Candace announce they are going to start dating. Brett, Leslie and even Burski have significant others now, while Shelly hooks up with an extremely tall woman at the bar. Justin makes fun of Danny being the only member of the group who is now alone. Danny retaliates by suggesting Candace has more to lose if she and Justin break up, because Justin will still have all his friends. This causes Candace to back away from Justin and rethink their situation."
Season 2 - Undateable
Season 1 - Undateable