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Tina & Bobby

When England won the World Cup in July 1966 Bobby Moore became a national hero. Swept up by the media frenzy and the nation’s adoration, he and wife Tina were the original ‘golden’ couple.

Duration: 46 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 3

Season 1 - Tina & Bobby
"Tina and Bobby try to escape their marriage troubles by investing in their future but a disastrous business venture mires them in debt just as Bobby's playing career wanes. Tina starts working and Bobby winds up managing a lowly non-league side. Tina dismisses rumours he's having an affair, until her worst fears are confirmed."
"Bobby leads England to World Cup glory and the lovers are reunited amidst the raucous celebrations. Tina joins Bobby in the spotlight and fame and fortune follow, as they become icons of their time. When baby Dean arrives, Tina thinks she has it all, only for her mother's sudden death to change everything. The price of fame soon becomes clear when Tina is besieged after Bobby is arrested in Bogota."
"When Tina Dean meets Bobby Moore it's love at first sight, and Tina abandons her career to marry him. Although she struggles as a housewife, Bobby's star ascends as he becomes England captain, and when Tina falls pregnant their future looks bright…until Bobby is diagnosed with testicular cancer."