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Time Trax

Time Trax is an American/Australian co-produced science fiction television series that first aired in 1993. A police officer, sent through time into the past, has to track down and return convicted criminals who have escaped prison in the future. This was the last new production from Lorimar Television.

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1993

IMDb: 6.6

Season 2 - Time Trax
"The witness in a trial suddenly loses his memory, and Lambert suspects temporal foul play. But when he gets on the case, he is attacked with the same weapon, and forgets who he is. A newfound friend tries to evoke his memory, but can Lambert remember the future without divulging his secret past?"
"Lambert is unusually quick in apprehending a fugitive, but the criminal says that he's only small fry compared to his boss, and he's prepared to lead Lambert to him. Before they leave, another temporal fugitive recognises Lambert and alerts the boss, Bergdorf. Bergdorf wants the plane sabotaged. Soon after lift-off, the passengers starts to exhibit unusually good moods. SELMA determines that the oxygen level is dangerously low. The pilots faint and SELMA have to guide Lambert into landing the jet safely. But when the jet is on the ground, Berghof intercepts the SOS, and sends a helicopter with heat seeking devices. How will they survive the attacks? Can the young Edison-type genius help save the day?"
"Lambert is attacked by a criminal from the future, who wants vengeance upon Lambert for causing his blindness. He makes Lambert blind, but Lambert manages to escape before he is killed. He is taken care of a woman who is also running - she's a former concert pianist who's running away from her fear of performing in front of people. But in order to live normally they both must face their demons."
"A distress call from the future lets Lambert know that he must find a scarlet koala to stop a plague. He enlists the help of a woman scientist whose father was the last person to see the rare koala, but when they reach the jungle they are captured by aboriginies who believs that the scarlet koala is sacred. Then Lambert discovers that they aren't the only ones after a koala."
"An innocent woman is targeted by a killer from the future who is bent upon stopping the bloodline of his future girlfriend's killer to survive to the future. Lambert tries to protect her, but the killer is very skilled. The question is, if the woman can trust Lambert if he doesn't reveal all the why's and how's."
"Lambert finds that his favourite comedian from the future is in the present, but the comedian is a compulsive gambler, and uses a primitive future-database to predict lottery-numbers. Then he crosses some casino owners, and Lambert is caught in the middle."
"The widow of a fugitive from the future calls Lambert with a request. She doesn't believe that her husband is dead, and asks that he investigate what has happened. Her husband worked as a jailer, but when he opposed the warden, he was interned himself. When Lambert shows up, asking questions, he is also imprisoned. The warden runs a very tight jail. The prisoners must dig for diamonds in a mine, and punishments for disobedience are severe. And Lambert of course has to release SELMA to his captors. Now it's a question of how he will get out of there before the warden decides to kill him."
"A female cat burgler is discovered during a heist, but takes out a weapon and freezes the guard instantaneously. SELMA notices this in a tacky magazine, and Lambert suspects a fugitive from the future. He interviews the guard, and narrows it down to a rich woman. When he attends her party, he's attracted to her. After he leaves we find out that she's a twin. The twins appear to have some psychic connection that allows them to share each others feelings and experiences. That same night he breaks into her house, but is caught before he can steel the loot from her heist. He manages to convince her that he used to be a cop, but that he also is blackmailed by Sahmbi..."
"While in pursuit of a fugitive, Darien is shot. He finds himself in the care of a army veteran, Ev Rankin. Rankin needs Darien's help to free his son, who's still missing in Cambodia. Darien doubts that the son would be alive, but according to SELMA, a ransom demand will be made 48 hours later - and shortly thereafter, Rankin's son will be killed. Darien and Rankin seek out a notorios double agent, who may have information about Rankin's son, but before they can question him, the agent is killed. How will they now find the right rebel hideout? And will they get there in time?"
"When Lambert follows an embezzler from the future, one of the clues leads him to Bradwell orphanage, where he himself is left when he is born. There he meets Kit, who looks like an older version of Lambert's SELMA. What he doesn't know, but soon finds out is that she is his mother. The question is why she doesn't want to admit it. Meanwhile, Kit's former husband, the fugitive Lambert was looking for, has hid a disk with damaging information about a gang. Naturally they want it back, which means that neither Lambert, Kit nor her ex-husband is safe..."
"Sahmbi creates a Lambert look-alike android and sends him after Lambert. The android attacks Lambert, but a nasty fall disables the android. Lambert takes care of the android against SELMA's advice, becomes friend with the killing machine, and takes its place to come close to Sahmbi. But will Sambhi flush him out?"
"In this episode Darien befriends an NBA player from his time. At the beginning scene the two are together and an attempt is made to kill Trey (the NBA player), and he divulges to Darien that he has been having numerous death threats. Darien tries to help Trey, but he has to wade through various stories (Trey being discredited by the church) to do so. Ramon (the man who wants Trey dead) traps Trey using the cover story that he wants to deliver a confession. The question is whether or not Darien will get there in time to save Trey--and himself."
"Lambert is close on a bankrobber's tail, but the criminal gets away and leaves a tauting note. So Lambert gives chase. Suddenly he's stopped by a road block. Selma assures Lambert that his credentials will clear him. The female sheriff puts Lambert in jail, because an eyewitness has placed Lambert on the scene. And the county's sheriff's office doesn't have computers. But the criminal that Lambert is chasing wants to continue play the game that they have been playing so long - so he clears Lambert by committing another robbery while Lambert's in jail. Lambert takes command over the sheriff and goes after his foe, but learns a valuable lesson about being too committed to catching one criminal. However, Lambert's arch-enemy manages to escape again. What will it take to catch him? And how much will he humiliate both Lambert and the sheriff in the process?"
"When Lambert has tracked down a fugitive and prepares to send him to the future, the criminal draws his weapon. Suddenly another man fires against the criminal, incinerating him completely. It turns out that it's one of Lambert's old buddies, Mace. He's sent to catch a crooked police chief, who uses the police force as his private army. Lambert protests against Mace's violent and impatient methods, but on this case they have to co-operate. To his help, Mace has brought his own version of a SELMA, CINDI - with a sexy blonde holographic image. But it takes a SELMA to trace the fugitive. On the road to the fugitive's whereabouts, a man highjacks the plane their on. Mace overpowers the highjacker, which makes their arrival less inconspicous. With Lambert's more thoughtful approach, they manage to sneak away. They decide to talk to one of the police chief's enemies - a good cop in a bad force. But the officer in question is bugged, and soon a SWAT team attacks his trailer. How will they get"
"Dr Maria Mills have contracted Apozemia gravis - an incurable disease - but when she meets Dr Lemich, he promises to cure her. What she doesn't know is that Dr Lemich is also known as Dr Sahmbi, a mad scientist from the future. Meanwhile, Lambert happens to see a fugitive on TV - but he's all the way down in Australia. Lambert goes there, the fugitive tries to run, but is caught by Lambert. Before he has a chance to give Lambert ""him"", he dies mysteriously, and the police takes Lambert with them. Posing as a US Marshal, Lambert manages to find out that the fugitives had died from a rare disease - and that his brain carried traces of a second dose of TXP, the potion used to travel in time. Lambert tries to see the doctor who had treated the fugitive, dr Lemich, but he instead happens on dr Mills. He finds out that Lemich/Sahmbi kills his wealthy patients after seemingly treating their incurable diseases. When he tries to tell dr Mills about it, she doesn't believe him. And the orderlies"
"Two criminals stop an armoured car, trying to break in. They bring with them a strange ray weapon, but grow impatient and raise the volume. The armoured car blows up and one of the criminals are killed. Lambert watches the news and recognizes the weapon from the future. He goes undercover as an agent from the board of Alcohol, Firearms and Tobacco, recovers the weapon and interviews the surviving criminal, but the criminal doesn't know who sold them the weapon. Lambert has an idea who made the weapon - a weapons inventor from the future. But before he can do something about it, he is attacked and left for dead. The weapon is stolen. When Lambert recovers, he comes up with an idea of how to reach the inventor. But the inventor and an associate is waiting for him, with a 21st century gauntlet ready. Can Lambert reach them?"
"A woman living in a suburb wakes up and sees flames all around her. She runs out and calls for help but noone else sees the fire. When the fire seems to follow her, she tries to flee in her car, but she crashes and dies. This gets the attention of new ISA agent Tulsa Giles. She brings in her friend Lambert, and asks him to investigate this death and 20 other couples moving from what would seem to be a paradise. She wants to go undercover and have Lambert as her husband. The ""newly wed"" couple buy a house. The contract gets SELMA's interest, since anyone that moves out of the house inside 2 years breaches the contract. Soon however, things get worse when their neighbour thinks that he's back in Vietnam, and starts shooting. SELMA analyses his brain and discovers that it has been manipulated by a futuristic method. But the situation is about to get even worse, when the method is applied to Tulsa too, and she believes that Lambert wants to kill her."
"Lambert and SELMA hear reports of people flying without planes, and investigates. They find that an inventor from the future has brought his banned invention - a belt that can lift you from the ground - to the present. But Lambert isn't the only one after the inventor. A gang of thugs sees the possibilities of the belt and goes after it."
"SELMA picks up the distress signal from an alien from another planet. The alien crashlands on Earth near a small town. Now Lambert has to get to him before someone else finds him. But a sheriff has seen the crash and rounds up a posse. Lambert manages to find the alien first, and hides him from the posse. Then the alien tries to leave Lambert. Lambert catches up, and the alien explains his reason for being there - love. His girlfriend crashed on Earth some time ago. But since their race age very quickly he has no idea what his girlfriend looks like. How will they find her, with the posse looking for them? And will she still love him?"
"The search of some missing future fugitives leads Lambert to Docker Flats, a small village in the middle of nowhere. He finds that no-one wants to talk to him, and everyone seems scared of being seen with him. Soon he is under siege in a restaurant, not knowing who he can trust. And then there's the lynch mob when night sets in..."
"An extraordinary set of circumstances makes Lambert lose SELMA, his trusted holographic database, to some crooks. Lambert starts to follow them, but always seems to be one step behind. He starts to wonder how much time he has before the criminals discover SELMA's amazing powers, and use it to their benefit."
"The head of the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza, whom Lambert managed to catch in the 22nd century, has fled to the 20th century. His goal here is to unite all fractions of the Yakuza in order to gain more power. And since he has knowledge of things to come, he quickly comes to the top of Yakuza. When he learns that Lambert has also come to our time, he launches a series of attacks upon him. Lambert tries to seek him out but gets nowhere. ...until he meets a japanese woman, also looking for the fugitive. He's trained by her father, but can he go up against a modern day ninja? And what are the woman's motives? Can Lambert trust her?"
Season 1 - Time Trax