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The year is 2020. Fifteen-year-old Noah lives with his family in the futuristic underground community of North Col. The world above is a frozen wasteland after a massive comet strike destroyed all other life in the world including the animals. One night, he accidentally time travels to the future and finds himself trapped in the year 2085 in a desolate desert place called Haven with a group of children, the Nomads, led by Arushka.
Season 2 - Thunderstone
"The Nemesis Comet is hurtling past the moon towards Earth. It is so close now it can be seen looming in the skies above the General Store, where the Nomads are refueling the Beast. The Nomads head straight for the Cortillo Plain installation. Sundance, an uneasy rookie driver, steers the Beast across country and through the installation's security fencing. Meanwhile, Myah and her brothers have commandeered a security vehicle and are sneaking past the installation's guards in a more subtle fashion. In the Operations room General Cardell ignores a young scientist's warnings about the disastrous effect his nuclear rockets will have on the Nemesis comet. The young scientist is Liz Frankiln, Noah's mother! This is an added problem for Noah and Arushka, who are hiding in the shadows. If they don't get the young Liz on a helicopter and back to the safety of the underground North Col research facility, Noah might not even be born! It's less then an hour till the rockets are launched and the Nomads are heading for the radio telescope. Arushka is on Moshi, riding alongside the Beast. Myah and the brothers, having failed to waylay Noah at the installation, are in hot pursuit in the security van. Arushka wheels them off course, causing their vehicle to overturn on the rocky desert plain. Noah aligns the Beast's projector with the radio telescope reflector. Myah, dishevelled from the crash, is determined to stop Noah from saving the Earth from the impact and wasting the precious Thunderstone Cube. Arushka wrestles her away from the Beast's controls, leaving Noah free to make the frantic last minute adjustments. As the rocket launch countdown nears zero, Noah hits go, sending the beam skywards. The Nemesis Comet is shattered and its blue rock dissipates harmlessly into space. While everyone else is staring at the spectacle in the sky, Myah and her brothers look down in horror. They are literally disappearing! And in Haven the Daniels and Monsoon watch the animals disappear and the landscape change. Now!… says Becky and dons the PH-Ts Noah left for her. The Daniels and Monsoon arrive at Cortillo Plain for a brief reunion with Noah and the Nomads before Noah makes a final command and they all white out together — side-stepping time to somewhere in the future."
"Myah and her brothers hold Becky and her parents hostage. But when Noah is about to give himself up, another Noah enters the grotto. Becky has brought the Noahgram! Myah releases them, believing its the real Noah. Back at the compound, Noah states his plan to destroy the comet. Liz reminds him that if he does alter the future there will be no Haven. A vote is taken and it is decided that Noah should stop the comet for the greater good. Myah having seen through the Noahgram, arrives at the Compound to see Noah and Arushka white-out. They arrive in the year 2002 at Cortillo Plain. This is the command site for the rocket attack on the Comet which is already on course for Earth. They confront General Cardell, the commanding officer and ask him to abandon the plan to use nuclear weapons to destroy the comet. Cardell dismisses them as cranks. In Haven, Geneva accidentally gives away part of Noah's plan to Tod. Noah tries to warn the world of the imminent mistake on television, but Cardell stops the broadcast. Pursued by security vehicles and helicopters, Noah and Arushka race in to an empty hanger where they white out, leaving the General Cardell absolutely confounded. Back in Haven, its decided the Nomads must take the Beast back to Cortillo Plain and preempt the rocket strike themselves. Liz won't go since she used to work at Cortillo and would meet herself. Noah's father Simon and Becky elect to stay behind with her, but she and Noah quietly confer: there may be a way they can all be reunited. The Nomads and Noah pile into the Beast along with Moshi and Dolly. The Beast appears on Cortillo Plain but Myah and the brothers are clinging on to the trailer. They've made the journey as well!"
"Myah tells Noah the truth. She and her brothers stole the precious Thunderstone Cube from the Silver City. As punishment they were banished through time forever. But they secretly rigged the banishment program so it would send them to the very same place and time as the Thunderstone Cube — Haven. Noah realises he's been tricked into furthering the Family's evil master plan. The Beast is now a super weapon, able to rain down destruction anywhere, starting with the Silver City. And since Rorden cant work it, they'll take Noah, by force. The disintegration of North Col is now obvious. Syndia proposes evacuation but Becky and her parents know nobody can survive in the snow. Maybe Noah will have a solution… The Nomads besiege the Beast and after a struggle recapture it. Becky arrives in the middle of the fight to tell Noah of North Col's plight. With the Nomads safely inside, he whites the Beast out, leaving Myah frustrated. Noah and the Nomads arrive to witness the total collapse of the Mall and the destruction of the holodeck. On the snowfields above, Noah angles the Beast's beam downwards and the whole colony is sent back to the safely of two weeks prior. Now Noah and the Nomads must deal with Haven. But as they leave North Col, Myah and the Brothers white in. Myah tells Becky and her parents that if they want to see Noah alive again, they must accompany her back to Haven. Back at the Compound, Noah and Arushka contemplate the Cube under a full moon. The prismatic affect the Cube has in combination with the moonlight reveals some astonishing secrets to Noah. Thunderstone has the property of annihilating itself! If he took the Beast back to the year of the Nemesis Comet, he could use the beam to disintegrate it. There would never be an impact… Noah could create a new future!"
"Myah instructs her brothers to co-operate fully in the task of converting the Beast into a rain machine. Old rivalry sparked between Lyal and Sundance. Geneva tells Tod of her misgivings about bringing Thunderstone back into their lives. She's seen how harmful the valuable material can be when it falls into the wrong hands. Noah, working under immense pressure, finally finishes converting the Beast. The Nomads and the Family pile into the vehicle and Noah transports them back in time, to the Valley of Chazon. While the whole party is busy manoeuvering the Cube onto the Beast's roof, the brakes give away. Geneva is trapped in the ca and the Beast picks up speed and hurtles towards a cliff. She refuses to jump to safety and abandon the Thunderstone cube upon which the future of Haven rests. With quick thinking and courage she manages to avert disaster. The Beast, with the Cube secured on its roof, is white-lighted back to Razorback Ridge in Haven. At Noah's command a great blue beam is thrown to the heavens. Clouds roll into the sky and amidst crashes of thunder and swirling winds, the rain begins. A lyrical montage shows us the animals relief, waterholes starting to fill and water trickling into dry creek beds. Back in North Col, Becky and her parents are concerned. Structural damage is worsening but Syndia persists with the cover up. Liz plans to confront her at the next triumvirate meeting. At the compound, Noah and the Nomads fall contentedly asleep. listening to the raindrops on the roof. But up on the Ridge, the family are silently taking possessing of the Beast. Rorden struggles to activate the machine — but why? The next morning Arushka and Noah are out with Moshi, inspecting the relief on the land and animals when Moshie is spooked by Rorden, Lyal and Tod. As Arushka pursues the horse, Noah is Noah is taken prisoner. Myah is waiting in the Beast and delivers Noah an ultimatum — he will take them to the Silver City in the year 2235."
"Arushka, Noah and Sundance notice a curious resonance about the Valley. Even Dolly the sheepdog senses it. Noah discovers that the whole atmosphere is electrically charged. Sundance volunteers to swim and discovers a square blue object at the bottom of the lake! But how can the Nomads move the enormous Thunderstone Cube? Arushka is determined to overcome any obstacle and end the drought. She and Noah use the PH-Ts to travel back to the valley to a time before the lake filled its floor. After all, in the past Noah and Arushka have moved elephants in time, what's to stop them transporting the cube to present day Haven? Noah tunes up the PH-Ts but the cube resists the white light and Noah and Arushka find they haven't moved it at all. Clearly something bigger than the PH-Ts is required. Much of the technology required to create the rain machine is what also enables the PH-Ts. Its all to do with the manipulation of sub-atomic particles of light. If Noah could build the PH-T technology into the Beast, the Protectors' old truck now sitting in the Nomads compound, it could be converted not only into a larger time machine, but also a rain machine. First Noah must travel back to North Col and gather the components he needs. In exchange for access to the rain machine blueprints Myah insists that Rorden accompany Noah. In the Holodeck, Noah enlists Becky's help to keep an eye on Rorden. Noah sneaks down to the storeroom to assemble more equipment. But he is unaware of the dangerous fault in North Col's exhaust line. Noah and Rorden narrowly escape discovery, leaving poor Becky to face the music once again. Back in Haven, Noah contemplate the most difficult task of his life. Can he turn the Beast into an effective time/rain machine, driven by the Cube, or will Arushka's hopes for the animals be dashed forever?"
"Drought conditions in Haven are at a crisis point. Desperate to give the precious animals the best chance for survival, Arushka and the Nomads attempt to muster them from the vast, parched high country into the lowlands. A scrub fire breaks out and the frightened animals are scattering when Myah and the brothers appear offering help. Together with the Nomads they manage to put out the fire and herd the animals to a lowland area where there are still a few patches of pasture. Arushka and Noah warily agree to hear Myah's suggestions for a more permanent solution to the drought. She explains that in Silver City of 2235 their father was in charge of a weather control system and that they have landed here as a result of Rorden's fallible experiments with time-travel. Rorden unveils the futuristic blueprint for a rain machine and Noah is astounded to realise the building of such a thing is feasible. But with Thunderstone eradicated from Haven there would be no source of power gigantic enough to drive this machine from the future. Back in North Col, Becky discovers a storeroom filling with steam. She is struggling with valves and overrides switches when Liz, her mother, comes to the rescue. Something is wrong with the exhaust line, which Liz believes could indicate serious problems with North Col's foundations. In the Haven compound the Nomads are mulling over the impasse with the rain machine. Monsoon arrives with tales of a distant valley, high in the mountains beyond, where the Nomads have ever ventured. Legend has it that it is home to a huge cube of pure Thunderstone. The Nomads agree on an excursion there. They have to find out if the Thunderstone cube is more then a myth. It could be the key to saving the animals. The relentless trek upwards in the heat seems to be fruitless. The thirsty Nomads eventually find the mystical Valley of Chazon, but instead of a Thunderstone cube, there is a great lake in the valley floor. Arushka collapses by the shore in despair when she discovers that the clear blue lake is salt water."
"Rorden prepares to send Sundance on an experimental time trip. In a failed rescue attempt, Chip is caught up in the white- light along with Sundance. The two boys arrive in a present day dance club. Chip is fazed by his surroundings, but Sundance finds the rhythm of the music intriguing and has soon caught the eye of a pretty girl. Myah returns to find the brothers in a panic and is furious about their inept behaviour. Not only have they damaged the family's relations with the Nomads almost beyond repair, but Myah is forced to ask for Noah's help in retrieving Sundance and Chip. Noah's assistance is not cheap — Myah has to answer his questions. Myah reveals that she and her brothers come from the Silver City, a future metropolis — the pride of Haven in 2235. Noah extricates Chip and Sundance from the club, just in time to avoid the wrath of a jealous boyfriend. On Razorback Ridge, Myah and her brothers are part of a welcoming committee, but the Nomads want nothing to do with the meddlesome family."
"There has been no rain in Haven for a long time and Arushka is worried about the animals. While checking up on them she sees Rorden, the most eccentric of Myah's brothers, scurrying out of the rocks below Razorback Ridge. She and Sundance return to the spot to investigate. They discover Rorden's Grotto, filled with weird equipment. Meanwhile Myah is conducting a few investigations of her own. Once again she uses the Nomads goodwill to her advantage and is snooping around the Beast, an old vehicle still filled with gadgetry of its precious owners, the Protectors. The brothers return to their cave and catch the unsuspecting intruders. Arushka and Sundance have no means of escape, locked in a primitive cage. What is the strange family up to? Above North Col, Noah finds a pair of modified PH-Ts, exactly where Dolly was found. Somebody, sharing his knowledge, must have sent her into the past deliberately. Risking the inevitable censure, Noah once more travels to Haven to find the truth. The Nomads have received Arushka's message from Prince, a friendly kestrel. Noah and the gang embark on a mission to rescue Arushka and Sundance. In the struggle between the Nomads and the brothers, Sundance is recaptured. And now Rorden has got hold of the PH-Ts. At last, he says, dangling them in from of the caged Sundance, I have a human subject for my experiments."
"Syndia, still fuming, pronounces banishment for Noah when he returns. In Haven, Noah is awaiting the next lightning strike. Myah pleads with him not to leave, making vague promises of power and success. She is left behind angry and frustrated, as Noah white-lights out once again. Noah arrives home secretly and employs Becky's radical plan to avoid banishment: he uses the PH-Ts to travel 24 hours back in time to the detention cell. In the re-run yesterday, Syndia storms in and finds Noah safely locked away, rather then discovering Russell. Back in today, Becky is delighted with the success of their plan, but Noah is shaken by its implications. He swears never to use time travel technology to change history again. Meanwhile in Haven, Geneva falls into an animal trap — who would make such a thing in Haven? Chip runs off to alert the others but doesn't see a herd of wild brumbies approaching. While Lyal and Rorden muster the animals towards the trap, Tod, the youngest of the family, discovers Geneva and places himself between the trap and the stampeding animals. He manages to divert them and pulls Geneva to safety. When they spot the Nomads approaching, Rorden and Lyal flee. Tod is brought back to the compound as a prisoner. As a hunter of animals he is an enemy to the Nomads. But his charms are not lost on his warden, Geneva. She is convinced Tod has learned his lesson and successfully argues for his release. At their campsite, Myah rips into her brothers for getting on the wrong side of the Nomads. They need them… but for what?"
"Myah makes herself known to Becky and Russell, a clumsy classmate whose suspicion is quickly supplanted by infatuation with the stranger. When the news is conveyed to Noah he realises he must take her back to Haven immediately. But how to escape the detention centre in order to do it? Russell reluctantly agrees to help by taking Noah's place in the cell. Bamboozling the Holocops, Becky smuggles Russell in and Noah out. Meanwhile in Haven, Lyal pays a visit to the Nomads' compound. His bullying and arrogance infuriate Sundance and he gladly accepts when Lyal challenges him to a race. Sundance is further angered when Lyal wins by cheating and with help from his brothers who secretly use their telepathic powers against him. It's memorial day in North Col. Syndia, the most officious member of the ruling Triumvirate, is giving her address. With everyone distracted Noah and Myah make it up to the holodeck. Myah shows an over zealous interest in the workings of the Holodeck as Noah successfully white-lights them out. By now Russell has been discovered. A furious Syndia strides into the detention centre and sees Noah is gone. Noah is now in deeper trouble then ever. Back in Haven, he and Nomads view Myah and her brothers with increasing suspicion."
"-As dry electrical storms prevail in Haven there is growing concern about the changing climate. Noah devises a plan to harness the lightning, which strokes most often on Razorback Ridge, and so powers his PH-Ts. Monsoon wins back favour in the Nomads' compound by bringing in a wounded animal and half of a weathered amulet. Kwan produces the other half, given to him by his long-lost mother. With the prospect of reuniting with her, Kwan bids the Nomads farewell. Though his hopes are dashed, a heart-broken Kwan has too much pride to return to the compound. Monsoon, meanwhile is spooked by a visit to the family. It seems these people can communicate with each other telepathically. Up on Razorback Ridge, Arushka insists Noah test the PH-Ts before using them on himself. The stand-in scarecrow is burnt to cinders as lightening is channelled into the PH-Ts. Nevertheless Noah ignores all protests, reconfigures the equipment and successfully time-travels back to North Col. Noah's family are relieved to see him but the North Col authorities thrust him into the detention centre for breaking the time travel ban. Myah is lurking in the North Col sludge pipes. How and why has she accompanied Noah on his time travels?"
"-Noah is quick to notice that there is dissent among the Nomads. Now that they're no longer on the run from a common enemy there's a restlessness. Old Monsoon visits with his wares and tall tales and wheedles an invitation to stay the night. In the morning, Noah discovers he's taken his PH-Ts and he and Arushka set off to the get the precious time travel device back. Meanwhile in North Col, Becky tries to cover for Noah's absence by producing the Noahgram, a hologrammatic version of himself which Noah has recently created. Its behaviour creates bizarre situationsand the ruse is quickly discovered. Chip, annoyed at being left behind, determined to catch Monsoon by himself. Against Kwan's warnings, he saddles up Moshi, Arushka's majestic black mare. Arushka and Noah catch up with Monsoon and demand the PH-Ts returned, but the crafty old man denies having seen them. Meanwhile, Chip is having trouble with Moshi—but he hears the rattle of Monsoons pots and pans in the distance and manages to spur the horse on … into the woods. All is silent and there is no sign of Monsoon, but something in the bushes frightens Moshi. She rears and Chip is thrown into a pit of quicksand. The frightened horse bolts, leaving Chip alone and helpless, sinking further into the quagmire. What could have frightened Moshi so much she'd leave a Nomad in Peril? Alerted to the danger by Moshi, bridled but riderless, Noah and Arushka race to Chip's rescue. But they're too late… as Chip disappears below the sand four strangers to Haven haul him out—Myah, a barbaric looking young woman and her three brothers, Rorden, Tod and Lyal. Not only have they saved Chip's life, they also have the PH-Ts, which Rorden reluctantly relinquishes. The Nomads and the new family pledge a wary friendship. With the PH-Ts returned, Noah must face the fact that there is no source of power for them in Haven. How will he get back to North Col?"
"In Haven of 2085, Arushka rides Moshi, her black mare, through the Riverlands. She's inspecting the contented Animals which she and Noah have transported to the future to avoid extinction. Dolly follows at a distance… But we see the faithful sheepdog distracted and lured away. Above the North Col of 2020, the Impact Winter produced by the Nemesis Comet still prevails. Noah discovers Dolly, terrified and half frozen in the blizzard. How had the dog travelled back through time and who sent her? Arushka returns to the compound, where the Nomads now live as a settled community. With their enemies vanquished and the contentious mineral Thunderstone wiped from the face of the Earth, Haven is a peaceful place. An eccentric old peddler, Monsoon, visits with gossip about the comings and goings of new settlers and about the weather, which in Haven has lately been extreme and unpredictable. Dolly is discovered in North Col by the authorities and is condemned to banishment in the snow. To save her, Noah breaks the new rules which ban time- travel. He breaks into the sealed Holodeck and used the PH-Ts to return again, with Dolly, to Haven. He arrives at the height of the storm and helps the Nomads save their hut from a lightning-felled tree. Then there's time for a reunion. But the Dolly mystery is unexplained and some unidentified figures are watching them through the trees."
Season 1 - Thunderstone