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This Life

Cult drama series about a group of aspiring young lawyers sharing a shabby house in London, charting their careers and personal lives.
Season 2 - This Life
"Milly passes up a trip with O'Donnell to Paris and Rachel takes her place."
"Ferdy loses his cool at his ex-fiancee's house and smashes her new boyfriend's car."
"Both Ferdy and Rachel are both after Warren's room at the house. Without consulting the rest of the House, Miles promises the room to Rachel. When the others hear about it, they all vote for Ferdy as their new house-mate and he moves in."
"Warren decides he's going to Australia. The House has to decide who to give Warren's old room to."
"Warren has to take part in a police line up and face court. Jo and Kira's romance develops. Warren decides to leave England."
"O'Donnell sacks Warren and warns Milly about defending her friend."
"Miles gets dozens of responses to his Lonely Hearts ad. Egg begins his new job in a cafe. Warren gets arrested while cruising the park for men."
"Miles tells his colleagues at work Anna is not suited for tenancy. Miles places an ad in the Lonely Hearts column. Ferdy seems to always be around at the house."
"Anna and Miles have to work together on the same case where there are two defendants. Anna sees a way to save her client, but only by condemning Miles."
"Egg gambles with the kitty, in a vain attempt to make some money. First appearance of Rachel, the new lawyer who arrives at Moore, Spencer and Wright. Anna see Miles chatting up another woman and throws a glass of beer over him."
Season 1 - This Life