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The Virtual Bride

In an attempt to regain her popularity, former idol star In Young goes on a TV Show where she clashes with her on-screen mother-in-law, Yang Choon Ja. However, the tension is increasingly worse off-set when In Young starts dating Choon Ja's real son!

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 8.5

Season 1 - The Virtual Bride
"Myung Suk and In Young start dating, but try to keep it a secret from Mother. When one of the husbands crosses the line, a divorce looms."
"Myung Suk declares his love for In Young, but has to keep it a secret from the family. Suspicions arise about Se Mi's fidelity and the press gets involved in the election."
"Young Ah announces her candidacy for Chief and brings down the wraith of Mi Hee. Soon Hee moves into the house and threatens Choon Ja's place in the family."
"In Young and Myung Suk end up at San's parent-teacher day at school, and he when he goes missing, have to find him. Dong Suk and a shady restauranteur try and capitalize on the show."
"The show becomes a hit, but Choon Ja kicks In Young out and Myung Suk has to convince her to give her another chance."
"With the show debuting to bad ratings, In Young has to insert a little romance into her plot. The mother-in-laws continue to dominate their weak-willed sons and abuse their daughter-in-laws."
"In Young has to convince Myung Suk to participate in the show. Meanwhile, the conflicts continue as Se Mi explores a teaching opportunity and Young Ah gets considered for a promotion."
"Oh In Young, a has-been member of a girl group, finds herself forced to star on a reality show where she has to pose as a daughter-in-law, but the family has issues of their own."