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The Trump Show

Protests, political turmoil, pandemic - the inside story of the extraordinary Trump presidency. Friends and foes tell of his rise from TV star to leader of the free world.

Duration: 52 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2020

IMDb: 8

Season 1 - The Trump Show
"Trump survives impeachment, but the Covid-19 virus hits America, riots break out on the streets and the economy faces trouble as Trump holds firm to his unique style of leadership."
"Key players, including Rudy Giuliani, Stormy Daniels, Steve Bannon and ambassador John Bolton, shed light on Trump’s second year as he faces challenges from his past."
"When Donald Trump became president of the most powerful nation on Earth, he brought a bold new approach, honed from a career as a reality TV star and smart-talking businessman. The results turned the political world upside down. This episode gives us a front-row seat to the first 18 months, as key players including Steve Bannon, Sean Spicer, Omarosa Manigault Newman and Anthony Scaramucci take us behind the scenes of this extraordinary presidency."