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The Trials of Jimmy Rose

Jimmy has just been released from prison after 12 years and is struggling to come to terms with his new life. His family and friends are finding it difficult to accept him back in to their lives and he must find a way to make things right.
Season 1 - The Trials of Jimmy Rose
"Jimmy returns to work for Tony in the hope of saving Ellie from addiction - but refuses to use guns or deal drugs. Tony offers him the chance to clear all his debts by carrying out one last job. Jackie tries to persuade Jimmy to do the right thing, and the ex-convict tries to put his affairs in order before joining Tony in his criminal scheme - which does not turn out as he expected."
"Released from prison, hoping to rebuild his life, ex-con Jimmy Rose has been beaten up attempting to rescue his drug-addicted granddaughter Ellie."
"A career criminal leaves prison determined to redeem himself and win over his family."