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The Toy Box

Aspiring toy designers submit their inventions to a series of tests and a panel of kid judges as they compete to work with Mattel.
Season 2 - The Toy Box
"Toy inventions include an exercise card game, pillows for pillow fights, a multiplayer game, a portable version of table tennis, a DIY tech-craft kit, a remote-controlled water hovercraft and a life-sized fidget toy."
"Toy inventions include collectible charms, an 18-hole raft, a pocket-sized fortune game, an adjustable stuffed animal, build-it-yourself sprinkler tubes, a tabletop strategy game and a voice-activated entertainment device."
"Toy inventions include a singing stuffed animal, a customizable mini-golf set, a dance game, a robotic flower, a fidget toy made with keyboard keys, and a board game with "monster" dice."
"Toy inventions include a series of alternate-world comic books, a game with elements of strategy and bowling, a racing game, a ball toss game, a color-coordinated launcher game, and an environmentally friendly take on water-balloon fights."
Season 1 - The Toy Box