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The Shannara Chronicles

A young Healer armed with an unpredictable magic guides a runaway Elf in her perilous quest to save the peoples of the Four Lands from an age-old Demon scourge.
Season 2 - The Shannara Chronicles
"In the final showdown, Wil must save the Four Lands. Wil, Mareth and Eretria grapple with the loss of one of their own."
"Eretria confesses a dark secret to Wil. Bandon's deepest wish is granted, but with a catch."
"Wil confronts his past and the bond between Allanon and Mareth continues to grow."
"Bandon and his followers race to resurrect the Warlock Lord. Mareth risks everything in the hope that she's not too late."
"Wil and Mareth race against time to recover an item in uncharted territory."
"Wil and Mareth confront a powerful Bandon."
"Wil, Mareth and Allanon travel to a dangerous territory for an answer. King Ander meets the Princess of Leah, but finds she's more than he bargained for."
"With Wil trapped, Eretria and Mareth must work together to free him before time runs out."
"Wil and Mareth search for answers. While visiting a nearby kingdom, King Ander seeks reinforcement and is given an ultimatum."
"A year after the War of the Forbidding, Wil’s new life is interrupted by a mysterious new figure. Eretria is reunited with someone from her past. Meanwhile, Allanon uncovers a plot that could send the Four Lands into darkness."
Season 1 - The Shannara Chronicles