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The Secret Agent

London, 1886. Unbeknown to his loyal wife Winnie, Soho shopkeeper Verloc works as a secret agent for the Russian government. Angry that Britain harbours violent anarchists, the Russians coerce Verloc into planting a bomb that will provoke the authorities into cracking down on these extremists. Caught between the Russians and the British police, Verloc reluctantly draws his own family into a tragic terror plot.

Duration: 57 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 4.9

Season 1 - The Secret Agent
"As the authorities struggle to make sense of the rationale behind the Greenwich attack, Chief Inspector Heat moves to arrest Verloc."
"Having recruited Winnie's younger brother Stevie to help with his bomb plot, Verloc goes to Stevie to Michaelis' Kent cottage to prepare."
"Summoned by the Russians, Verloc is given a mission to orchestrate a bombing that can be blamed on the anarchists and provoke a political crackdown by the British."