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The Raccoons

The Raccoons is a Canadian animated television series which was originally broadcast from 1985 to 1991 with three preceding television specials from its inception in 1980 and one direct to video special in 1984. The franchise was created by Kevin Gillis with the co-operation of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
Season 5 - The Raccoons
"Cyril is taken ill and is advised to retire. Cedric is intimidated into sponsoring a televised sports event by a very shady character. Lisa and Bert fall out while training for the events, and too late Cedric discovers the scam he's walked into. It's up to the gang to win the event, or Cedric loses one million dollars."
"Cyril and Bert compete for the mayorship of the Evergreen Forest. Finding out about a deal Cyril struck with Lady Baden-Baden, the pigs rig the election, but the outcome is completely unexpected."
"Cyril wants to join a golf club after losing a client to Knox at another club. Lisa sees an old friend from the City, and is pressured into smoking to fit in. Cyril is surprised when he finds out the final task he needs to obtain membership."
"Cyril launches a new sattelite channel while Bentley is looking after Broo. The pigs leap at the oppurtunity to send their mother a mother's day gift she'll never forget! When Broo's face appears on the monitors just before lift off, a race ensues to save him."
"After being bullied by his classmates, Bentley is set on revenge. It soon transpires that Schaeffer is a black belt in the martial arts, and is persuaded to teach Bert, Bentley and Cedric."
"Sneers new factory production line has teething troubles. Bentley breaks for the summer, and the pigs soon talk him into working for them. Bert is appalled. After Bentley's early sucess, the pigs feel threatened, and destroy Bentley's work. When he's fired, Bentley is despondant about losing the job. Then, Cyril finds out the truth."
"Sneer needs a product to sell to Mammoth and puts Cedric in charge of the factory. The product is a failure, but a trainload of garbage arrives at the Forest and sets Cedric to thinking about recycling plastics. A new business venture is born, while Ralph learns the unsettling truth about the source of the rubbish."
"Ralph's brother George moves into the Evergreen Forest with the rest of his family. George has been offered the job of presenter of a cooking program on K.N.O.X. TV. The pigs try out a career in television after being fired for shredding money by mistake. Lisa finds it difficult to adjust to the change."
"Cyril has a short stay in hospital and makes a new friend. Bert realises he's been lied to by an advertisment and tries to get a refund from the unscrupulous Mr. Midas."
"Cedric and Bert take sky diving lessons and Cyril falls in love with a film star."
Season 4 - The Raccoons
Season 3 - The Raccoons
Season 2 - The Raccoons
Season 1 - The Raccoons