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The Pirates of Dark Water

The Pirates of Dark Water is a fantasy animated series produced by Hanna-Barbera in 1991.
Season 2 - The Pirates of Dark Water
"After a long period of no luck with locating the Eighth Treasure, the crew's luck changes, and they find it--in the shape of a living being, a little blue furry creature--on an island of vicious, man-hating Amazon-like warrior women that take Ren and Ioz captive but allow Tula to join their ranks."
"Bloth consults a personal soothsayer, who tells him that the best way to get the Treasures is to become Ren himself. Bloth has Morpho create a body-switching potion, which he successfully uses on Ren and Bloth, as well as on Niddler and Konk--they switch bodies, but it turns out not to be that easy"
"Ren and Ioz gather cinder-sand for their torches, but are almost killed in an explosion when Konk shows up, forcing the crew to buy their sand in the port of Kalinda, a haven for thieves. Ren is pickpocketed, but a somehow familiar-looking young woman cons the men back out of it by selling them a ship that isn't hers. When her deception is discovered and she is cornered on the docks, Ren helps her escape by hiding under the Wraith and using his sword to pry a crack in the hull for breathing. Back aboard, the woman lets Ren have his stolen gold back and introduces herself as Solia... and when Ioz returns he is shocked to find his little sister! At dinner Solia tells them how Ioz took most of the family inheritance and left her and his mother, so Solia has had to become a thief to make ends meet. Ren is quite taken by Solia's charms, especially when she kisses him, much to Tula's chagrin. Solia has a treasure map and wants Ren and his crew to help her go after it, but they decline a"
"Ren is back at Octopon's shore when the Compass acts up, shooting a beam of light toward someone drowning out in the ocean. Just as with his father, Ren dives in to save them, getting some help from Ioz and Tula. It's the monkey-bird queen from Pandawa, who has come to seek Niddler's help protecting the future queen from a plague that is sweeping his homeland. Niddler carries Ren there while Ioz and Tula stay behind to take care of the queen. Arriving on Pandawa, they meet two monkey-birds, Kellon and Dello, who are hiding from the ""evil"" monkey-birds, the ones affected by the plague. The egg is hidden in the Caves of the Departed, but before they can go to get it their hut is attacked and Kellon and Dello are captured. Ren and Niddler follow them to the old slave tunnels, where they discover that the former slave master Jargas is the one behind the plague. Jargas is hoping to find the egg, and has been feeding the monkey-birds with magically tainted minga-melons. Unfortunately"
"With the Wraith once again under pursuit from the Maelstrom, both ships are suddenly surrounded by a wall of stone spikes rising from the ocean floor and lifted onto towering stone pedestals. From atop a spire two frog-like creatures introduce themselves as the Game Players of Undaar. Having watched Ren and Bloth battle each other bitterly, they now propose a contest: A race across their obstacle course of an island, against their ""ultimate warriors"" the Korb, hulking creatures with grappling hooks for hands. At first the two mortal enemies refuse to participate in the challenge, but the Game Players threaten to put an end to their crews if they don't, so Ren agrees to save his friends. Ren and Bloth are disarmed, chained together at the ankle and dropped onto the island as the Game Players, as well as Konk and Mantus, place bets on the unlikely pair's survival. Ren and Bloth are immediately at each other's throats but are forced to work together to evade the Korb's relentless pursu"
"Off the Lightning Coast in the middle of a storm, Ren curses the Dagrons Bloth has sent after the Wraith. He sees the Compass pointing to a Treasure and climbs onto the bowsprit to get a better look when it breaks off, throwing him into the water. Niddler tries to save him, and the two end up washed ashore on an island inhabited by Onda, a winged troll-like creature who is master of the Dagrons that live on the island. Onda tells Ren there is a treasure up a nearby mountain, and gives him a suit of armor made of Dagron hide to make the Dagrons believe he is one of them. Ren feels strange the whole trip up the mountain, and at the top he finds out why: Onda has put a spell on the armor, and it turns Ren himself into a Dagron. There is no treasure, and Ren is locked in a cage with two other Dagrons. Onda explains that there are no real Dagrons left on the island, so he uses the magical armor to create his own, and that Ren's human memory will fade as the spell wears on. He throws"
"After buying supplies, Ioz stops in a tavern for a drink and realizes how much he misses being a real pirate. An old man in a cloak approaches him and tells him about a mysterious treasure ship that glows in the moonlight, but Ioz dismisses it as just another tale and leaves, not seeing the man dissolve into smoke behind him. Aboard the Maelstrom, Morpho tells Bloth to change course toward the Haunted Coast to locate Ren, forcing the heroes to hide out in a fog bank where the glowing ship appears. Remembering the old man's story, Ioz boards it to investigate and finds the fabled treasure. He is accosted by Cressa and her crew of ghosts who inhabit the ship, one of whom had dressed up as the old man to trick Ioz into coming aboard. Ioz quickly discovers his weapons cannot harm the ghosts, but he can be hurt by theirs. He is ordered chained up by Cressa, who is quite taken with him and intends to use him to replace Grovis, her first mate. Ren and Tula try to help Ioz but are outnu"
"(Thanks to Andorus for helping me fill in the opening scenes that were missing from my copy of the episode.) Pursued by the Maelstrom and its Dagron riders, Ren and crew steer their ship through the Teeth of Moltus, active volcanic spires on either side of a small tunnel. They elude Bloth, forcing him to go around, but the Wraith is damaged and about to sink. The only reachable port is Octopon, and Ren soon finds that it has fallen into even greater ruin since he first left on the quest. At the lighthouse, Ren laments the loss of his homeland and finds a broken picture of Jenna. Meanwhile Ioz and Tula search the harbor for a replacement vessel, and she ends up rescuing him when he becomes trapped under a beam in a decaying ship infested with darva worms. Back on Octopon's docks, the two find scavengers raiding their ship and fight them off, with Ioz repaying Tula for saving him. Ren and Niddler fly in, but the scavengers are actually frightened off by the appearance of some robed"
Season 1 - The Pirates of Dark Water