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The Next Step

Follow the lives of an elite group of young dancers who train at The Next Step Studio.
Season 7 - The Next Step
"Emily finds a staggering fact that could spell the end of A-troupe's chances at nationals and the end of one dancer's spot on the team. Fearful of jeopardizing her friendship with Amy, Piper attempts to keep her feelings secret, but Finn uncovers what she has been trying to hide. Meanwhile, Henry learns a hard lesson about honesty after he reveals his true feelings about Kingston's latest news."
"A-Troupe buzzes with excitement, ready to perform for the biggest opportunity of their lives. But their excitement is cut short when Summer fails to show up. Piper and Amy's friendship is tested when Piper catches Amy stirring up the past."
"Summer is blindsided after Richelle returns from an Absolute Dance convention and changes the choreo for a routine. A-Troupe votes on which choreo they prefer, which leads to a stunning result. Uncovering a blossoming romance, Ozzy is asked by the couple to keep it secret, which Ozzy is more than happy to do as long as they’re willing to do whatever he asks. Meanwhile, Heath feels like an outsider and Cleo encourages him to step out on his own."
"A-Troupe decides to take on a new opportunity, but Nationals are right around the corner, and the studio is busier than ever. A well-known dancer is brought in to choreograph a nationals duet for Lily and Kingston, and discovers their dance chemistry is better when they are fighting. Piper agrees to help Finn plan a first date with a new girlfriend but discovers a truth that could complicate everything before it even begins. Nick’s limitations become apparent when he tries to choreograph a dance for A-Troupe and it doesn’t go well, while Ozzy is stunned when he uncovers a secret romance at TNS."
"Nick brings a surprise guest to the studio to help a confused group of A-Troupe dancers step out of their shells. Nick runs through a series of teambuilding exercises with Emily in the hope of bringing them closer together but finds Emily’s trust isn’t easily earned. And a revelation about an exciting opportunity drastically affects A-Troupe’s future."
"When Summer makes a choice affecting Henry's spot at Nationals, he questions her decision, leading to a difficult realization about their relationship. Piper cancels plans with Finn and Amy at the last minute, and the pair spend the day getting to know each other, with surprising results. Meanwhile, Cleo clashes with an unruly Jude in rehearsal and makes a discovery about why Jude struggles to learn choreo."
"With a thunderstorm raging outside and rehearsal time running out, Henry struggles to pick up the choreo for a nationals routine. Trying to help Henry, Summer finds their relationship tested. After the lights go out in the studio, Kingston, Ozzy, and Lily discover that someone shut the power off on purpose and everyone at the studio becomes a suspect. Heath and Izzy bond over their survivalist ways, much to Ozzy’s dismay."
"Tired of being pulled in different directions by her two best friends, Piper gets Finn and Amy together in the hopes of sparking a friendship between them, but finds it quickly turning into a disaster. Meanwhile, Summer struggles to keep track of rehearsals, adjusting to unexpected changes in A-troupe. Ozzy and Heath are forced to set aside their differences when tension boils between the two that places them at risk of losing their place at the studio. Cleo, a fresh face to TNS, tries to move up the ranks by making friends with Richelle."
"Auditions for the alternate position are more competitive than ever as a new group of talented dancers vie for the spot."
"A former member of A-Troupe returns with the hopes of rejoining the studio, but finds her past isn’t easily forgiven. Richelle and Kenzie make a startling discovery about Miss Angela’s fate after Absolute Dance put her on probation, while Henry is floored when Summer’s Oracle Cards make some surprisingly accurate predictions"
"A-Troupe surprises Michelle with an emotional goodbye, which ends in an unexpected outburst from Emily"
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