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The Next Great Magician

Some of the world’s best magicians perform their very best tricks and illusions – many seen for the first time ever. Over five weeks, each episode will showcase six world-class magicians presenting their A-list material to viewers.

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 5.7

Season 1 - The Next Great Magician
"The second show features a spectacular series of nightmarish illusions, a magician secretly going on a date and a strange magical beverage mixed on stage with Downton Abbey's Jim Carter and TOWIE's Amy Childs helping some of the performers with their acts."
"Close up magician Eric Jones gets a helping hand from Rylan Clark and Suzanne Shaw, comedy magicians and double act Young & Strange bring along a furry friend, Jordan Gomez from France reveals his manipulation act, female illusionist Ines has to escape from a terrifying situation, as well as escapologist Jonathan Goodwin who keeps the studio warm and Xavier Mortimer who blends magic, circus acts, music and comedy."