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The Millers

A divorced reporter, looking forward to the single life, finds his parents' marital problems derail his plans.

Duration: 22 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 5.3

Season 2 - The Millers
"The Millers decide to spend Thanksgiving apart for the first time ever, but they rethink the new family tradition when each of their individual Turkey Day plans hit snags."
"When the Pope is scheduled to come to town, Nathan's planned week-long series of reports hits a snag when Ray gets a job offer to become the cameraman for a rival field Reporter."
"Kip encourages Carol to be bolder by confronting her former nemesis, Miss Pam, at Pam's retirement party."
"Nathan is assigned to cover a Sci-Fi Fest for his workplace and runs into a famous book author who has hated him since grade school. Meanwhile, Adam has an identity crisis when he learns that much of what he was taught on the commune was based on the mythology of Star Wars."
"When Ray discusses Nathan's history of being a terrible wingman, Nathan tries to become less self-involved so he can be a better friend."
"Nathan lands the biggest interview of his career with pro basketball player Metta World Peace."
"Debbie and Nathan fear that their parents are reuniting when Carol and Tom feel hesitant about formally ending their marriage."
"Nathan and Debbie try to help carol find a new apartment--as far away from them as possible; Carol makes a new friend named Kip Finkle."
Season 1 - The Millers