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The Liquidator

Jeff Schwarz, the owner of a large liquidation house, works seven days a week following leads and tips that could bring him to the next big buy. Back at the shop, his crew works to make room for the new merchandise by finding buyers for the old.

Genre: Documentary , Reality

Actor: Jeff Schwarz


Country: Canada

Duration: 22 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2012

IMDb: 10

Season 3 - The Liquidator
"Jeff and Daniel travel to the California desert to visit an abandoned town, meet slot machine collectors, and make a deal on 30,000 wine corks."
"Jeff makes a deal for fur coats and risks his reputation on a Hollywood memorabilia auction."
"Jeff gambles on a series of end-of-the-line deals in hopes of a big payday."
"Jeff wears down sellers by trash-talking their merchandise, then tries to convince buyers that industrial pressure gauges and cheap pink T-shirts are treasures."
"Jeff falls hard for a vintage motorbike. Then when things go wrong with a mechanic, he has to turn to Sheldon the Bailiff to get it back."
"Jeff buys a load of cheap crafting supplies."
"Jeff scoops a deal from Wayne, has a strange encounter in a sex shop, and then tries to sell an aging accordion to his own mother."
"Jeff tries to profit from an exhausting string of deals with Wayne. Meanwhile, a woodworking auction does not go as planned."
"Jeff buys four truckloads of TV-set props and, with nowhere to put the goods, the staff tries to pull off the biggest outdoor sale in Liquidator history."
"Jeff's tries to move women's merchandise."
"Jeff commits to a high-stakes storage locker auction and a risky plan to sell off a down-and-out restaurant."
"Jeff fills the warehouse with handicap scooters and a coffin."
"A collector's warehouse full of mystery antiques tempts Jeff, but he has to drive to California to see if it is the real deal."
"Jeff looks to his go-to guys when he finds himself stuck with a truckload of B-grade lumber and other assorted items."
"Jeff pursues a store full of frozen meat. Then, a heated round with an art dealer gets Jeff riled up."
"Jeff's sales skills are put to the test when he's faced with moving a live goat and a truckload of broken guitars."
"A deal for a large inventory of hydroponics equipment brings Jeff some unusual customers."
"Jeff dons a suit and tie in an effort to close a deal for underwear."
"Jeff gets involved in a bidding war against his own customers."
"Jeff has a face-off with regular customer Jose and contends with several regulars looking for deals."
"The purchase of a warehouse full of electronics has Jeff working against a tight deadline."
"Deals with some regulars leave Jeff looking to sell a baby grand, used staging furniture, and a collection of ugly jeans."
"Jeff takes a gamble in trying to sell some broken pianos, an assortment of pickled peppers, and a collection of ornamental seashells."
"Jeff makes an impulse buy. Meanwhile, Daniel ends up with a truckload of shoes that are all the same size."
"Jeff spends thousands on a military warehouse package deal that includes a decommissioned .50 caliber machine gun."
"Jeff has one day to clear out a Chinese grocery store full of exotic and vile stock."
Season 2 - The Liquidator
Season 1 - The Liquidator