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The Light in the Hall

Sharon Roberts has never stopped grieving the loss of her murdered daughter, Ela, and journalist Cat, who grew up with Ela, has always been obsessed by her murder. The parole of her killer, Joe, leaves both women forced to confront the past.

Genre: Drama , Thriller

Actor: Alexandra Roach , Iwan Rheon , Joanna Scanlan


Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 48 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2022

IMDb: 7.4

Season 1 - The Light in the Hall
"In the gripping last episode of this series, Cat and Joe return to the woods to see whether Joe can remember what happened. As he ventures on a journey which angers and haunts him, will anything remind him of who was in the woods that day and what really happened' Will Sharon get answers once and for all to ensure that Ela gets home safe'"
"It appears that things are going from bad to worse for Sharon and Joe. As Gafyn, Greta and Dai support Sharon, Shelly and Cat are trying their utmost to help Joe remember the events of that fateful night. When Sharon is released from hospital, an important piece of evidence surfaces...what will she decide to do with it' Do the right thing and go to the police or go rogue and rely on Cat to piece the jigsaw together' A shocking event sends ripples through the community...but it gives Cat food for"
"Sharon is on pins after Joe's vist - will this be enough to stop her threatening behaviour towards him' DCI Parry comes to visit Cat to warn her to stop fishing for information. But something he says to her makes her more determined than ever of uncovering the truth. When things become too much for Sharon, help arrives in an unexpected form."
"Dai continues to support Sharon through everything, whilst tensions simmer between her and Gafyn. How will Sali react when she discovers Greta's secret' Cat and Caryl catch up again and what Caryl has to say makes Cat revisit the past. How will Joe react to Sharon's constant threats'"
"Does Joe have any answers for Sharon' Is there someone who can persuade him to reveal what happened that night' Cat continues with her enquiries which makes her more unpopular with each question she asks. As the news of Joe Pritchard being released spreads through Llanemlyn, Sharon is more determined than ever to get answers - despite police warnings. Meanwhile, Joe is trying his best to cope with life outside prison and move on from his past."
"After the murder of Ela Roberts in 2002, Joe Pritchard has spent 18 years in prison but has not disclosed where the body is. When the news breaks that Joe is about to be released from prison much to Sharon, Ela's mother's horror, the journalist Cat Donato decides to return to Llanemlyn to look for answers and to discover the truth once and for all. But will she be warmly welcomed back in the town where she grew up' Sharon is also desperate for answers, and she'll go to any lengths to get them."