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The Ice Cream Show

Join Isaac Lappert as he crisscrosses the United States to discover the country's best ice cream.

Genre: Documentary

Actor: Isaac Lappert


Country: USA

Duration: 22 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 7.1

Season 1 - The Ice Cream Show
"Isaac heads to the California Central Coast to see how wine country does ice cream. Small batch, fresh, local, and seasonal ice creams abound in the golden state."
"Isaac explores one of America's best ice cream cities - Philadelphia! He digs into ice cream history and tries the founding father's favorite flavors."
"Ice cream is only as delicious as its ingredients. Isaac meets the farmers, cows, and water buffalo that contribute to your favorite scoops."
"Isaac is in NYC to check out all of the Italian ice cream treats the city has to offer. His mission takes him from the birthplace of Italian Ice to an inventive gelato lab."
"Across the country people are updating ice cream truck treats for a new generation. Issac revisits some classics, tries some new treats, and meets the inventor of the choco taco!"
"Isaac is in New York sampling the very best ice cream each neighborhood has to offer. He samples fresh fruit ice in the Bronx and makes an ice cream cake in Chinatown."
"LA is a city of diverse ice cream flavors, and Isaac is going to try all of them, from saffron scented Persian ice cream to fresh fruit Mexican paletas!"
"Isaac is off to the Jersey Shore to check out ice cream culture boardwalk style. Join him at the beach as he slings scoops and slides into sundaes!"
"Vegan, raw, organic, low calorie: can ice cream be all of these things and still taste delicious? Isaac travels to California, land of healthy ice cream, to find out."
"From parlors to pints, what does it take to succeed in the ice cream business? Host Isaac Lappert pays a visit Ben and Jerry's in Vermont to find out."