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The Fighting Season

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Genre: Documentary

Actor: Joseph Anderson , John Graham , General Zahir


Country: USA

Duration: 51 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 8

Season 1 - The Fighting Season
"Task Force White Devil fights to capture a high-value Taliban leader codenamed Arctic Fox as the Taliban takes its last desperate shot at disrupting Afghanistan's historic national election."
"The White Devils hunt Taliban leader Arctic Fox, but the Fox strikes first. In Kabul, a massive explosion rocks the streets in an attempt to assassinate a presidential candidate in the upcoming election."
"Coalition Forces assist the Afghan National Army as they tackle a Taliban stronghold in the Tangi Valley. Task Force White Devil sets its sights on a high mountain border crossing and sets its drones on a motorcycle carrying deadly cargo."
"An essential range operation turns into a potentially lethal situation.Tensions rise as Colonel Graham's methods worry his team. The Spartan Brigade, 10th Mountain Division and the Afghan Army wrest Afghanistan's deadliest valley from the Taliban."
"Colonel Graham must help the Afghan police capture a hilltop shooter.Task Force White Devil launches its mission to neutralize a high value Taliban leader code-named Arctic Fox. The 3rd Platoon fight for their lives, but the Taliban closes in."
"The 2014 Fighting Season will determine the fate of Afghanistan. The US Army fights to defend the national elections. The 3rd Platoon soldiers hunt the Taliban, who are rocketing FOB Shank. This time, the Taliban are ready for the fight."