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The Disappearance

In the wake of the disappearance of Anthony Sullivan on his 10th birthday, the fractured family bands together to solve the mystery that has uprooted their lives.

Duration: 40 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 9

Season 1 - The Disappearance
"The police and the Sullivans race to find Anthony."
"Henry asks Fred for help in decoding the clues left by Anthony’s abductor. Luke and Helen still believe their son's disappearance is related to Henry's past. Susan makes an important discovery and issues an Amber Alert."
"Susan and Charles focus their investigation on Stephen Price – their main suspect in Anthony’s disappearance. Still driven to pursue his own investigation but confined to a hospital bed, Henry confides in Fred, Catherine’s patient."
"Luke continues to look for a connection between his son’s disappearance and his father’s old case files while Helen is prepared to do whatever necessary to get information that could reunite her with Anthony. Despite Susan’s warning about working against her investigation, Henry continues his own search for answers."
"Cautiously hopeful when a witness comes forward with information about Anthony, Luke and Helen set off on their own to search for their son while Henry becomes obsessed about an item Anthony left behind."
"When Anthony’s school project gets him in trouble with his teacher, it creates tension between Luke and Henry and the rest of the family. After Henry sends Anthony on a scavenger hunt for his 10th birthday, Helen and Luke panic when their son mysteriously vanishes."