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The Comedy Get Down

A comedy series about what really happens behind the scenes of a massive stand-up comedy tour.

Duration: NA

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 10

Season 1 - The Comedy Get Down
"Cedric is excited to gift George a custom suit and expects him to wear it on a TV appearance promoting the tour; and Charlie and Eddie become friendly with Keith, the bus driver."
"With a free day in Miami, the guys plan on getting turnt up. Cedric and DL's plans with the guys are thwarted when their wives unexpectedly show up."
"Nina informs the guys that Twitter is blowing up because of some things DL and George said that got them in trouble with a gay rights group."
"In Minneapolis, Nina reminds the guys about Cedric & DL's charitable activities for the weekend. After pledging a donation to a charity, Cedric is honored at a dinner; DL spends the day with a Make A -Wish teen."
"The guys have Nina arrange for a tour bus to travel to their next stop. Eddie refuses to take the bus because of his past trauma, instead driving in a car with White Terry, Cedric, George, DL, and Charlie."
"The guys each ride in their own chauffeured cars to the airport. They regale their respective drivers with their embellished version of how The Comedy Get Down Tour came together, each taking credit for making it happen."