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The Chair

This documentary series follows two first-time film directors, Shane Dawson and Anna Martemucci, who are given the opportunity to direct separate films adapted from the same original screenplay. “The Chair” will document the creation, marketing, and theatrical release of both films, and through multiplatform voting, the audience will ultimately determine which director will be awarded $250,000. Dawson is an internet superstar whose YouTube comedy channels boast more than 10 million subscribers and over a billion views. Martemucci is a writer, actor and filmmaker who co-wrote, produced and starred in the independent film “Breakup at a Wedding.” Both directors will have creative leeway to develop their respective films using their own ingenuity and distinct experience. Actor Zachary Quinto and his producing partners Corey Moosa and Neal Dodson will join Moore and the script’s original producer, Josh Shader, to serve as mentors to Dawson and Martemucci.
Season 1 - The Chair
"In the season finale, the winner is revealed after Shane receives surprising news, while Anna deals with test-screening questions, and both filmmakers turn their attention to marketing and distribution"
"Anna and Shane begin the lonely process of editing. Both filmmakers fight to stay true to their vision as they receive critiques of their work."
"Shane and Anna enter their final days of production. Shane shaves his head, a sign that he is moving on from his famous You Tube persona. Anna fights for her own style of directing."
"Fatigue impacts filmmakers as tension develops between Shane and his producing partner, and Anna deals with both directing and acting."
"Anna has problems managing her time on set, while producers are concerned that Shane is playing it safe."
"With producers hovering, Anna and Shane feel the pressure of the first day on set."
"As the teams head into their final week of pre-production, casting dilemmas loom for Anna and Shane. Table read lead to concerns about whether their individual scripts are ready for filming."
"For Shane, raunchy script content complicates casting and costs him a location. Anna blocks the producers from her casting session only to experience growing pains as a first-time director."
"Securing financing proves to be challenging as Shane searches for crew and locations, while Anna wrestles with time-management and receives some unexpected news about a key hire."
"Starting with the same screenplay and budget, two first-time directors from very different backgrounds, Shane Dawson and Anna Martemucci, struggle to shape the script into their own vision."