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The Beaverton

Co-anchors Emma Hunter and Miguel Rivas deliver critical blows to the unrelenting news cycle, hitting above, and when necessary, below the belt, casting a Canadian lens on global issues.

Genre: Comedy , News

Actor: Emma Hunter , Laura Cilevitz , Miguel Rivas , Marilla Wex , Aisha Alfa


Country: Canada

Duration: 22 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 6.3

Season 1 - The Beaverton
"This week on The Beaverton: Miguel Rivas reports on Canada’s Healthcare PR crisis, Laura Cilevitz explains the latest in ethical investments, and we check in with the boys at the Beaverton Sports Network."
"This week on The Beaverton: The US responds to Russia’s tampering with the Presidential Election, Emma Hunter visits Sweden, and Marilla Wex meets the man responsible for PEI’s anti-choice movement."
"This week on The Beaverton: Donovan Stinson checks in on the dancers from Electric Circus, Canada launches a search for a new Astronaut, and Dave Barclay is back with a look at the latest in tech."
"This week on The Beaverton: Brian Baeumler reveals his latest home renovation series, Marilla Wex visits the NRA marketing department, and Beavfeed takes a look at the difference between 30’s kids and 90’s kids."
"This week on The Beaverton: Canada unveils a new drone strike strategy, Marilla Wex investigates the fall of ISIS, and Miguel and Emma take on Pitbulls in Point/Counterpoint."
"This week on The Beaverton: The Trudeau government tackles the challenging issue of the Indian Act, youth correspondent Rick Roberts looks at millennial unemployment, and a Beaverton Sports Network World Junior preview."
"This week on The Beaverton: The Federal Government responds to criticisms aimed at the Seal Hunt, Marilla Wex takes a closer look at the NSA, and plans are unveiled for the Anne of Green Gables cinematic universe."
"This week on The Beaverton: Donovan Stinson investigates the Canadian porn industry, a First Nations casino project gets more than they bargained for, and Emma and Miguel debate if Canada is too needy for Justin Trudeau."
"This week on The Beaverton: Shocking new insights into the world of ISIS, Aisha Alfa looks at the Liberal sex-ed curriculum, and Canada looks to a new currency."
"This week on The Beaverton: Justin Trudeau makes a bold apology, Aisha Alfa looks at Syrian refugees adapting to our peace-torn country, and BeavFeed counts down Five War Atrocities Only 90's Kids Remember"
"This week on The Beaverton: Justin Trudeau goes viral, Donovan Stinson infiltrates a US militia, and the boys at the Beaverton Sports Network look at how the Leafs will ruin Auston Matthews."