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The Astronaut Wives Club

Based on the book by Lily Koppel, this 10 episode limited series tells the story of the women who were key players behind some of the biggest events in American history. As America’s astronauts were launched on death-defying missions, Life Magazine documented the astronauts’ families, capturing the behind-the-scenes lives of their young wives. Overnight, these women were transformed from military spouses into American royalty. As their celebrity rose and tragedy began to touch their lives, they rallied together.
Season 1 - The Astronaut Wives Club
"It’s 1969, and Apollo 11’s historic moon landing is cause for worldwide celebration and a high point for the Astro-families. The wives are interviewed for a TV documentary on the space program, Gordo is passed over for the next mission, and Trudy faces some big decisions about her personal and professional future. Betty finds a powerful way to honor Gus’s legacy and advocate for change. In April 1970, the nation watches the fraught voyage of Apollo 13."
"Jo redefines her role and priorities as Wally's career at NASA comes to an end; Louise worries about Alan as he considers a risky surgery that will determine his future; Susan is faced with uncertainty."
"Betty is forced to face a grim reality -- and plan for the future -- as she embarks on a battle for justice."
"With the launch of the Gemini missions and the Apollo program, pressure on the wives grows."
"John Glenn stands for the Ohio senate. A personal matter leaves Alan Shepherd's career in doubt."
"Trudy finds out that attempts are being made to quash a burgeoning astronaut training program organized for women."
"Deke and Marge take on new roles whilst things begin to thaw between Gordo and Trudy."
"Scott gets ready for his launch and Rene gets the chance to tell her story in a magazine interview."
"Louise and Alan enjoy the mission's success. Betty gets ready for Gus' launch. Annie finds it hard to deal with her stutter."
"After NASA selects seven men to be the first Americans in space, their wives soon end up becoming American royalty."