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The Alice

The Alice was an Australian drama television series created by Justin Monjo and Robyn Sinclair. It was set in the central outback city of Alice Springs. The program began as a successful TV movie, that later spun off a regular series. The series proved less popular and was cancelled by the Nine Network on 28 September 2005 after a sharp decline in its ratings. The entire series and original TV movie have since been released on DVD.

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2005

IMDb: 7.1

Season 1 - The Alice
"Helen continuously thinks she is seeing Patrick, and must face up to reality when it turns out only to be someone who looks like him."
"Jess still feels guilty about Toby. Jack goes out to meditate and finds an old mine shaft. In there he find an old skeleton, but also gold and quartz."
"Simon continues to jeopardise Jack's career and relationships, so Jack decides to get his own back in a "friendly" game of football."
"Jack loses his job as the lead singer of the band. Toby is concerned about a woman who has just lost her son. Helen's real estate job gets steamy and she may ruin her chances of staying in the profession. Matt and Natalie have an accidental kiss, which changes the situation entirely. Hugh helps Ellie overcome her fear of being alone."
"Nude sketches of Helen are stolen in a burglary, and she is scared for her secret. Jack attempts to buy Jess a nice wedding present, but he is distracted by Helen. In a bid to get Will, Natalie pretends to date Matt. Toby struggles with Jess about staying friends . Someone is in Ellie's house, and Hugh comes to the rescue."
"Michael travels to Purgatory Hill with Jack on a hunt for Lara. Jess and Darren return to the Alice for one last day before Darren must leave to work on the mine again. Matt continues to irritate Jess and Darren. Ellie's sculpture, on display in the foyer, is turned upside down, and Ellie goes to extreme measures to return it to normal."
"On the anniversary of Patrick's death, his younger brother shows up and searches Helen. Ellie and Matt finally break up and Toby starts to worry about Ellie. Meanwhile Matt already tries to hook up with Claude. Jack makes Helen an offer about her caravan and Natalie challenges Michael to a land-sailing race. Jack and Helen help Hugh to clean his house from bad spirits."
"The pressure becomes too overwhelming for Jess. Jack offers to pay for the wedding even though he is going broke. To improve his financial status, Jack attempts a camel race where the prize money is $10,000. Jack is concerned that Helen and Simon Westlake are having an affair. Matt and Ellie have different plans for the future."
"Jess tries to pull it off with Darren, but inadvertently starts wedding preparations. Toby does what he can to get Jess back. Helen decides to become a model for an artist. Jack tries bonding with Darren."
"Toby and Darren vie for the Jess. While one proposes, the other reveals his true feelings for her. Matt goes too far in purchasing a vintage motorbike. Toby and Michael's car is stolen by a juvenile work experience kid. Helen and Jack appear to be rekindling their love for each other."
"Michael gets a stint on radio. Jack worries over his dinner plans with Helen. While searching for a time capsule together, Jess and Toby hook up once again, but what will go wrong this time? Hugh tries to repair his relationship with his son, forcing himself to move out of Toby's house."
"Matt and Jess visit a local community and are shocked by a patient they visit. Toby and Michael vie for two backpackers, but they can't decide who couples with whom. Jess finally agrees, that her relationship with Darren is getting too complicated. Jack brings Helen in trouble."
"Michael and Toby must call off a climb and entertain the tourists when a terrible wind rips through the town. Matt is concerned that Jess and Natalie want him to move out, so he confides in Ellie. Jack spends a night out in the desert to return to his normal self. Hugh embarks on a strange trip to save a woman from a spider."
"Hellen fears that her ex-husband Connor starts to hunt her again. She turns to celebrity psychic Bryan Abbot for help. Jess is also there and hopes to hear from her mother, but gets a surprise instead. Toby and Matt try to make up, while being with the Watts Brothers. Jack finds a new distraction in a young widow."
"Jack is bitten by a tick, what causes him to hallucinate and break up with his new romance Tansy. Ellie and Matt spend a romantic weekend together, but will Ellie survive that? Natalie meets the perfect guy, but how perfect can he really be?"
"Jack promises Jess to take her to Scotland to bond with her, but it seems like he can't keep his promise. Helen tries to start over again and joins the local netball team. Natalie returns home to Michael and Jess, but with a new dark secret. Toby thinks that he saw a UFO."
"Jack tries to impress Helen with his new Mercedes, but things get a bit out of hand. Even worse he runs onto a woman on the run from her husband. Meanwhile Helen searches for Jack. Toby confronts Matt about the affair with Ellie. She decides to go out Matt in public, after she thinks everything is solved now."
"Helen loses her wedding ring in a bike accident. Hugh is angry, when he finds out about Ellie and Matt's relationship. Jess is struggling with Jack in her life."
"Toby and Michael compete for the affection of a gorgeous backpacker, a nice young girl with dark secret. After Jess finally know the truth about Jack, she calls her mother to help her."
"The birthday of Jess is coming up and Kirk, a guy from the junkyard, gives Jack a deadline to tell her, otherwise he will. In the desert Matt feels guilty about his affair with Ellie and doesn't see the upcoming storm."
"Helen Gregory tries to find out if she is responsible for the death of her father. Matt Marione can't forget the night he spent with Ellie Delaney and Jack Jaffers waits for the right moment to tell Jess that he is her father. Toby Delaney tries to get his parents back together, but his dad finally moved out."
"Jack Jaffers is a charismatic ex-rock star who finally has found his place in the world. He opened a bar in town and searches for Jess, to tell her that he is her father. Meanwhile Matt Marione has found a plant with curative powers in the desert. He can't leave the place now. Helen Gregory talks to her friend Patrick, a ghost, about the death of her father and Toby Delaney tries to find a way to keep his business running."