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The Adventures of Tintin

Travel with Tintin, the young and intrepid Belgian reporter, and his faithful dog Snowy as they take you from Tibet to the Moon, or from Egypt to the depths of the sea -- solving mysteries, pursuing truth and justice, and gambling with their lives.
Season 3 - The Adventures of Tintin
"Tintin is covering a story about the gangster in 1930's Chicago. And what better way to do that then going there ?"
"Tintin, Captain Haddock, Calculus, the Thompsons' and Wolff uncover the wonders of the moon. They also discover another person aboard the rocket ship who threatens to leave them all stranded on the moon."
"Tintin, Captain Haddock, Professor Calculus and Wolff blast off to the moon. They soon discover that the Thompsons' have somehow slipped on board."
"Tintin and Captain Haddock have been asked to be part of the expedition to the moon. As they help Professor Calculus prepare for the launch, Tintin persists in finding the internal spy."
"After receiving a telegram from Professor Calculus, Tintin and Captain Haddock travel to meet him at the atomic centre in Syldavia. They soon discover that the secret rocket ship documents have been stolen."
"When Bianca Castafiore's prized jewel disappears, Tintin secretly investigates the situation."
"When Captain Haddock injures himself, he receives a surprise visit from Bianca Castafiore, who is preoccupied about her prized jewels."
"In search for the prisoners and Professor Calculus, Tintin and Captain Haddock head for the "Temple of the Sun"."
"Tintin and the Captain travel to Peru in search of Professor Calculus."
"Tintin and captain Haddock discover that Professor Calculus has been kidnapped."
"Tintin investigates the mysterious illness that coincidentally falls upon all seven members of a South American expedition."
"Tintin and Captain Haddock try to stop a terrible refugee smuggling ring and end up trapped with the other prisoners out at sea."
"Tintin and Captain Haddock travel to Khemed to rescue the Emir from the danger of arms smugglers who have overthrown his government."
Season 2 - The Adventures of Tintin
Season 1 - The Adventures of Tintin