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As a group of Finish ecoterrorists escalate their attacks, they are pursued by an environmentally conscious detective who's less radical about his activism and tries to save the earth in his own personal way.
Season 1 - Tellus
"The police make a blunder as Tellus settles on its future direction and plans its next attack, and Eevi and Alex make a momentous decision."
"Tellus crosses the point of no return with grave consequences, and Eevi questions her involvement in the group and her relationship with Alex."
"As Tellus debates whether to pull back or become even more radical, Alex's estranged wife returns and Eevi gains a surprising confidante."
"Tellus plans to attack an airport, but Taneli's investigation threatens to derail their scheme and forces Eevi into making a difficult choice."
"Taneli faces pressure to nab Tellus just as the group mounts an attack on power lines. Despite herself, Eevi finds herself irresistibly drawn to Alex."
"When their act of sabotage ends in the death of an innocent man, a group of young eco-activists find themselves wanted by the police."