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If you think the steamy sex, sensational scandals and heart wrenching heartbreak on Latino soap operas are a little extreme, just wait until you see what happens behind the scenes! Eva Longoria stars in this new comedy about Ana Sofia, a sizzling TV superstar, and her lively family of cast and crew all competing to steal the spotlight. When the cameras turn off, the drama turns up as Ana battles pesky network execs, drunken scriptwriters, narcissistic co-stars and an unfortunately familiar new on-screen love interest.
Season 1 - Telenovela
"After Xavi invites Ana to have coffee and then doesn't show up, Ana is concerned that he has been kidnapped. Some cast members attempt to impress Isaac as he works on a script for the next year's show."
"After Ana finds out that Xavi has a girlfriend, she attempts to help him by trying to fix all the things about him that annoyed her when they were married. A pregnancy story line on the show makes Rodrigo begin to think about having children."
"After Mimi's husband is released from prison, it looks like that he has become a better and more attractive person. Ana makes plans for a night out with the ladies to try and distract Mimi."
"Mimi and Ana attempt to work out the best way to educate Mimi's eldest son about sex. The guys get ready for a Photoshop-free magazine cover shoot."
"Ana's relationship with James (Zachary Levi) heats up too much for her, so she tries to get out of the relationship without hurting him. Meanwhile, an on-set piano inspires the cast members to showcase their musical side."
"The cast members, all dieting for a bathing-suit scene, get stuck together when a hurricane hits Miami, with Ana taking control and leading the search for food. Meanwhile, Isaac builds up courage to ask Roxie for a date."
"Ana and Xavi run into their rivals, Kate and Diego - a married couple on a competitive telenovela. The cast rallies around Ana and Xavi as they try to finally one up their rivals while building a home for a needy family. Gael realizes his latest crush is actually a forbidden love."
"When Ana finds out that her work dinner with her boss, James, is actually a date, she uses some "enhancements" to win him over. Meanwhile, the cast becomes worried that there is a ghost haunting the soundstage, but Xavi is skeptical."
"Ana fakes amnesia to avoid a showdown with Mimi. Rodrigo and Xavier bond."
"Ana doesn't like her co-workers having secrets and tries to implement an "open book" policy at work. Things get crazy when a workplace romance and a surprise visitor put that policy to the test."
"Ana is taken by surprise when her ex-husband, Xavi, joins the cast of her popular telenovela. With the help of her best friends and co-workers, Mimi and Gael, Ana sets out to prove that she is still in charge."