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Talia in the Kitchen

When 14-year-old Talia visits her grandmother for the summer and starts spending time in her family's restaurant, she discovers she's got a gift. With the help of her special "salt and pepper sense" and her late father's magical spices, Talia can whip up some truly life changing cuisine and cook just what each customer needs. She's making magic in the kitchen.

Duration: 23 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 1.3

Season 2 - Talia in the Kitchen
"Julie and Rocky are able to overhear Jayden and Michael, and they learn from the brothers that there is a way to get more spices. Meanwhile, Debbie quits Fuccinelli's to focus on her new job at Lola's, and she will be in charge of the restaurant while Talia and her friends go on a trip to the Panholders, where they will get more spices. Later, Talia breaks into the Grubb brothers' food truck to find the microphone Julie and Rocky placed, but she gets trapped inside with Jayden until Michael arrives and frees them. At the end, Tyson reveals his jealousy about not being part of what Talia shares with Jayden, but after he is reassured by her, he tells her that Frenchie is their ride to the Panholders, and they hug, angering Jayden."
"Julie and Rocky help Talia get more spices in preperation for her fight against Jayden. Later, Talia makes Debbie the head sous chef of Lola's, as Frenchie messes with Jayden and Michael, and Tyson and Talia make up. With help from Dolores, Talia prepares for the spice battle."
"Dolores delivers the news and challenging of the SpiceMaster fight to Jayden and Michael, while later, Talia, Valarie, Dolores, Julie and Rocky provide food to Vinnie and his family. Meanwhile, Debbie, Frenchie, Tyson and Rudy have a beach day in Fuccinellis', which gets Tyson's mind off Jayden and Talia. Talia plans to do a donation program in Lola's, as Vinnie's mother then gets a job. While Jayden refuses to battle Talia, she relizes the reason of her gift and decides to battle him."
"The gang explains the mess to Chef Lorena, who shuts down Lola's because of it. Talia tries to patch things up with Lorena by putting some spices in a dish, but things go wrong when the spices make Lorena act crazy. Afterwards, Tyson seeks Jayden's help to have Talia and Lorena get along. Meanhwile, Dolores finds a book regarding SpiceMasters, which Frenchie is able to translate. However, the two then learn from the book that Talia must battle Jayden in order to stay in Miami, while Julie, Valarie and Rudy see that Rocky's cousin Vinnie is stealing food from Lola's. Even worse, when Tyson reveals the truth about what Talia ate, another rift between them occurs."
"Tyson visits Jayden at the food truck, where they have a small dispute, and Tyson then warns Jayden and Micheal to stay away from Talia. Later, Talia gathers Valerie and Rudy to make a plan to keep the investor out of control over Lola's, while Julie and Rocky plan to put equipment in Jayden and Michael's truck to overhear them. On a hillside, Tyson tells Debbie the truth about her talent, and she cooks at Lola's while banned from Fuccinelli's. At the end, after issues in the kitchen occur, the investor is revealed to be Chef Lorena Garcia."
"Talia finds out that Jayden is a SpiceMaster, and he pretends he isn't, but later admits he is. At the school dance, Debbie performs badly and gets booed, so Talia, Valerie and Rudy help her. Afterwards, they try to prevent the guests from eating empanadas Jayden put his spices in, but some eat them and make mischief. Talia and Debbie go to Jayden and Michael's food truck to make an antitdote, which they feed to the guests. Talia and Tyson have more special moments when they dance togther at the dance, then walk home togther; however, for the third time, Dolores throws water on them when they are about to share another kiss. Later, Julie blames Talia's absence as the cause for the investor threatening to pull out of Lola's."
"Jayden uses his spices once again to cause an argument between Tyson and Talia. Afterwards, Dolores suspects that someone has magic spices as well and are using them on Talia, who thinks that this someone must be Jayden and Michael. Jayden then asks Talia to the dance. Meanwhile, Talia tries to learn more about the key Julie and Rocky found, as Debbie forms a music group featuring Dolores, Frenchie, Tyson and Avery. Tyson later attempts to apologize to Talia, but it doesn't go so well."
"The investor changed Lola's a lot, making Talia unhappy, but she later feels better; Valerie then suggests a new catering system for Lola's. However, it is revealed that Jayden is a SpiceMaster as well when he uses magic spices of his own to cause a fight between Talia, Valerie and Rudy, until Dolores encourages Talia to still be the chef she wants to be. Later, Tyson asks Talia to the upcoming school dance, as Jayden uses his spices again."
"With help from Valarie's father, Dolores is able to hire a new investor, who finally gets Lola's redecorted, with re-opening ready to occur. Soon, Tyson gets Debbie to help Talia in Lola's, and Debbie gets her confidence in cooking back. Meanwhile, Julie and Rocky find a key that could lead to more magic spices."
"The spices don't work when Julie uses them, and soon, Rocky accidentally gets some of them knocked onto the floor. Meanwhile, Michael finds some documents as he is able to break into Lola's, and Dolores is about to get an investor for Lola's from Valerie's father without Talia knowing. Later, Talia helps Julie use the spices, but they don't work, upsetting Julie; however, she feels better when she, Talia and Dolores look through a photo album."
"Valerie decides to have the group hold a bake sale to gain money to re-open Lola's. Talia helps Jayden at his food truck, while Julie wants to test if she is a SpiceMaster as well. While Talia's friends have the bake sale, in competition with Michael and Jayden's food truck, Dolores and Talia meet the investor. Meanwhile, Debbie is upset after what Frenchie told her in the previous episode."
"Talia creates a dish for Will using the spices, which make Will happy enough to cancel the deal. Frenchie then tests the spices, as Rudy, along with Talia and Julie, shops for uniforms with Dolores. When Frenchie reveals to Debbie that he took Talia's beef during the Golden Ladle, Debbie gets mad at him. Later, Dolores gets an investor hired to help save Lola's."
"After Talia discovers that she is a SpiceMaster just like her father, she and Dolores search his recipe books for information about spices and being a SpiceMaster. Later, Talia and Tyson have a special moment, and they almost kiss, but Dolores throws water on them again. While Debbie and Tyson continue to try to keep Will from becoming the head chef of Fuccinelli's, they and Talia get the spices back from him."
"Will gives Frenchie parfait spaghetti that makes Will go into Frenchie's memories; Debbie and Tyson must now prevent Will from taking Frenchie's position. Talia searches for Will to retrieve the spices. Soon after Talia gets a new cooking area, Talia and Dolores open a box containing items belonging to Talia's father, including recipe books and a fork titled "SpiceMaster"."
"A sneak peak of the season using the first 30 minutes of "Storm or Grubb"."
Season 1 - Talia in the Kitchen