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Stolen Away

Searching for his kidnapped daughter, Antonio sets off a series of events affecting scores of people when he maneuvers to be sent to prison in Colombia.
Season 1 - Stolen Away
"Antonio searches desperately for Inma and Soledad, who are hiding with Ignacio. Angelita lays a trap for Quitombo, who has been abandoned by Milena."
"Inma begins to tell Soledad all about her past when they’re cut short by La Grilla, who wants to use them to free Cruz, now in the hands of the police."
"The prison riot puts both Antonio and Cruz at risk. Quitombo's birthday party goes off the rails when Soledad makes her move and Inma ends up helping."
"Inma manages to get on a call with Milena, which prompts her to pressure Quitombo. In turn, he puts the screws on Angelita. Soledad plots her escape."
"After the prison riot, Antonio goes missing. Meanwhile, Soledad continues her investigation into her past and finds a startling new clue."
"Inma hides with Sebastián, the cop who investigated Soledad's disappearance, and they figure out Quitombo's weak link. Antonio tries to flee La Brecha."
"Cruz's sister, La Grilla, kidnaps Inma. Angelita dives deeper into darkness. And at La Brecha, war ensues, with Antonio in the crosshairs."
"Antonio makes contact with Cruz, who gives him new info about Soledad, his kidnapped daughter. Inma shows up at his hearing, then stays to investigate."
"Once, Angelita struggled to save a pregnant client, only to wind up adopting her baby after she died by suicide. Back in prison, Antonio gets good news."
"Antonio tries to get close to Cruz, the kidnapper, but he's pummeled every time. His mother and Inma, his ex-wife, try to decipher his disappearance."
"Antonio gets arrested in Colombia so he can track his daughter's kidnapper. But Angelita, his public defender, tries to get him extradited to Spain."