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Spellbinder is a fantasy teen drama/science fiction television series, produced by Film Australia & Telewizja Polska in association with the Australian Children's Television Foundation. The series is a 1995 serial of 26 episodes, co-produced between Australia and Poland. It was also novelized by the creators, Mark Shirrefs and John Thomson. The shots were taken both in Australia which represented the "modern" world and in Poland where most pictures that featured the parallel world were shot. Spellbinder was followed by, Spellbinder: Land of the Dragon Lord, in which Heather Mitchell reprises her role as Ashka.
Season 2 - Spellbinder
"After evrything settles --Sun has scholar Merck take all the huns to land of machines -- there is more than enough room for their people there and they can help repopulate the earth there. Ashka is blindfolded and told to select a destanation by moving the musical to jewels to whatever setting she chose ( without the aid of site) here they maroon her in the middle of a forrest with nothing but ehr power suite to protect her. Josh and Kathy and their family are returned to their own world. Sun and his sister decide to share the Throne. Everything turns out well."
"They manage to get the mask into place and to tie up Ashka -- she will be dealt with -- Then Sun starts the Oracle and the huns are defeated."
"With the mess sorted out - the alternate characters help their counterparts return to their own world -- they rescue sun and return back to The Land of the Dragonlord -- ready to fight."
"The Two Joshes get entangled into the mess and the father helps them escape and they get the mask back fromt he crooked dealers- then Ashka double crosses them again - only this time fails."
"They need Ashkas help - since the Jewlers she tried to sell the mask to stole it -- she is helpless -- they decide to work together to retrieve the mask. They almost fail but their alternate dad helps and all ends well."
"They need to get the Jade mask back - it has fallen into a jewelers hands -- thanks to Ashka -- disguising herself once again as Harley -- she had to escape the Hun atatck -- she stole the Jade mask and ran . Here she intends to get money for the Jade mask.The Kids decide to turn to their doubles for help."
"Kathy and Meck succesfully stop the monsters - they return to Mecks world only to find Josh and Ashka waiting for them , Ashka holds him hostage and all of them take off in the boat-- once there she escapees -- With the Jade mask!Josh tells them about whats going on, now they must try to retrieve the jade face mask which is still the only way to get the Oracle to work and to save Suns world. -- this time they reach Kathys own world -- Or have they? -- the people are the same but evrything in their lives are different -- Kathy finds her parents divorced -- another Josh and worse -- Her very own Twin -- nothing like her but definealty 100% look alikes!"
"Josh and his father maange to reescape the clutches of the Barbarian king who is trying to force Suns sister the princess to marry him."
"The villagers run back into hiding underground - Kathy and meck decide it was their fault and try to stop the machines -- they try to destroy them."
"The Machines are every where -- after befriending some nearby villagers and find them to be about the level of people who existed in the 1800s -- not very knowledgable with modern equipment -- their world was destroyed by a whole army of machines and they are trying to rebuild after 100 years of hiding underground. The awakened machines causes panick."
"After trying to find out how to fix the boat -- they find themselves trapped in a world which appears just to have alot of blown up machine parts and such - thinking it might help scholar Meck attempts to fix one of the huge machines -- he is succesful but the Machine comes to life and starts trying to shoot every living thing in its path."
"Scolar Meck and Kathy have to escape -- after coming up with a daring plan they manage to do it, only to end up in yet another parallel world."
"Without the Oracle the barbarians get through the barrier and take over the Land Of the Dragonlord."
"Kathy is very very upset about the idea of being injected and tries to run away."
"The Adults decide to take turns at being Kathys Care giver - they also decide to inject her with the vaccine that will keep her a child forever.The same vaccine that keeps them alive, but makes them sterile."
"Kathy and Meck steal the trans dimensional boat to go try to find Sun and to stop Ashka -- but the machine gets broken and they get sent to yet another parallel world -- this is a world where their are no Children -- even though Kathy is only 13 - she is considered a child and it starts a riot amongst the adults who have wanted a child - but because of a disease 100s of years before no child can be born. This is a major problem for Kathy."
"Ashka finds out the secret of the computer and staels the Jade Mask -- here is when Ashka decides to take control of Suns World."
"The Villagers that Josh stumbled onto are having their Job Choosing Day -- the day when the Otracle tells all the 15 year old teenagers what their designated Job will be for life. There is a girl who wants to be a performer -- she is told she must be a field worker -- she is upset- Josh tries to help."
"Sun tries to got o Kathys World again - this time he takes Ashka as his body guard ( she has shown him how powerful her power suit is) -- well when she gets to Kathys world she maroons him there. He stumbles onto the set of a commercial. In the Meantime Ashka tells Suns sister taht a monster attacked him, and that he is dead."
"Josh escapes his captivity and goes to get help -- he makes it across the Dragonlords border and has to convince a few villagers that he is a water spirit."
"The Land of the dragonlord is being invaded by a group of warriors and their family who are seeking shelter. Sun refuses them entry and calls his ""guard"" a huge computer image of a giant - that can shoots lasers! The Huns give up temporarily although they take Kathys Family Hostage."
"Kathy shows the Dragonlord what a chocolate bar is -- Sun is so excited he tells scholar Meck to reassemble the Boat so that he can go to Kathys world and retrieve some. But the plan goes awry when he and scholar Meck arrive Sun sees a car for the very first time. Well him and Meck panick and try to go back -- when they get the correct settings done the boat starts to travel and accidentally pulls the car that they see with them! The Car contains Kathys family searching for her -- and everyone ends up in the Land Of the Dragonlord."
"Kathy is well liked by the dragonlord cause she will play with him -- he allows her freedom of the palace - which is run by a computer program of sorts -- this computer is called ""the Oracle"". The oracle decides jobs and events throughout the land of the Dragonlord. The only way to change the programming is by the Dragonlord himself. While Kathy is liked by the Dragonlord -Ashka is not -- and she is left improsoned."
"As Kathy and Ashka are brought to the palace to meet the Dragonlord -- Meck is ordered to dismantle the Boat - not allowing Kathy to return home. Kathy meets the Princess and is taken to the princesses brother ""the Dragonlord"" -- this king turns out to be a spoiled 6 year old child, who throws temper tantrums on a regular basis."
"Kathy and Meck are both stuck in a strange world -- after being taken in for questioning by a Spellbinder, they discover a servant named ASHKA who says she can help them. Her and her assistant Gryvon help them escape and she travels to the Land of The Dragonlord with Meck and Kathy."
"The Morgan Family is on vacation -- they choose to camp out in the ""Bush"" For a couple of weeks to have some real family time. The Morgans have 2 kids Kathy and Josh. Josh pulls a prank on Kathy and she runs off. In the Land of the Dragonlord scholar Meck has finished his latest invention -- a trans dimensional boat -- a boat in which he believes if he sets the musical jewels to the correct settings it will allow him to use the frequency to transport himself to parallel worlds.He does this against the Dragonlords orders. He tries it out anyways and finds himself in another world. Kathy is still angry at Josh -- she sees a light appear out of nowhere on the lake. She goes to investigate only to see a chinese looking man next to a weird boat. after an accidental scare scholar meck and Kathy get transported to another dimension - a dimension unknown to them -- the parallel universe of the Spellbinder!"
Season 1 - Spellbinder