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Soap is an American sitcom that originally ran on ABC from 1977 into 1981. The show was created as a night-time parody of daytime soap operas, presented as a weekly half-hour prime time comedy. Similar to a soap opera, the show's story was presented in a serial format and included melodramatic plot elements such as alien abduction, demonic possession, murder, and kidnapping. In 2007 it was listed as one of Time magazine's "100 Best TV Shows of All-TIME," and in 2010, the Tates and the Campbells ranked at number 17 in TV Guide's list of "TV's Top Families". The show was created, written, and executive produced by Susan Harris, and also executive produced by Paul Junger Witt and Tony Thomas. Each returning season was preceded by a 90-minute retrospective of the previous season. Two of these retrospectives were made available on VHS in 1994. The show aired 85 episodes over the course of four seasons. The final four episodes of the series aired as one-hour episodes during the original run on ABC. These hour-long episodes were later split in two, yielding 93 half-hour episodes for syndication. All episodes are currently available on region 1 DVD in four separate box sets. In the past, the series has rerun on local syndicated channels as well as on cable on Comedy Central and TV Land. It ran on over-the-air television on Antenna TV, until December 30th, 2012.
Season 4 - Soap
"The Governor offers Burt a job as Lieutenant Governor. Chester goes mad with jealousy over Jessica and El Puerco. Danny and Annie turn to each other for comfort. Mary tries to convince Burt that their baby isn't normal. Jodie's psychiatrist brings Julius home to meet the Campbells."
"El Puerco learns a few things about women after spending the night with Jessica. Eunice's fantasy games are starting to get on Dutch's nerves. Chester and Annie announce that they are married, but Chester continues to act possessively toward Jessica. Mary walks out on Burt when he accuses her of being drunk. Dutch fails to turn Eunice on with his Cyrano de Bergerac costume. Jodie comes out of hypnosis believing that he's a 90-year-old Jewish man named Julius Kassendorf."
"Jodie, Maggie and Wendy are rescued from the fortress. Jessica and Mary come to an understanding. Mary tells Jessica that she has a drinking problem, the baby may be an alien, and she fears she is losing Burt. Jodie decides to see a therapist so he can be sure about his relationship with Maggie. Danny blames Burt when Gwen runs away. Jodie signs up for hypnotherapy."
"Burt alienates his family as his fame continues to grow. Danny is offended when Burt disapproves of his plans to marry Gwen. Jessica forgives Chester, but can't forgive Mary. El Puerco tries to endear himself to Saunders. Saunders proposes a plan to rescue Jodie and Maggie. A hoodlum coerces Gwen into spying on Burt and Danny."
"The family waits for the results of Danny's surgery. Mary explains to Burt about her relationship with Chester. Jodie proposes to Maggie. Dutch and Eunice try to spice up their sex life. Mary relives the circumstances that led Chester to leave her for Jessica."
"Neither Jessica nor Danny can deal with the news that Chester is Danny's real father. Burt becomes a media hero because of his attack on Tibbs. Chester and Danny face surgery."
"Jodie and Maggie learn that Wendy is being held at a kung-fu fortress. Burt goes after Tibbs with a baseball bat. Mary tells Chester that he is Danny's real father, and asks him to donate a kidney to save Danny's life. Rather than dishonor Jessica, El Puerco hires a prostitute. Mary tells her gynecologist that the baby can fly. While trying to rescue Wendy, Jodie and Maggie get captured by martial arts experts."
"The Campbells wait for news of Danny's condition. Chester and Annie plan their future. Jessica tries to entice El Puerco into compromising his sexual principles. Gwen tells Danny that she loves him. Burt promises to take revenge against Tibbs for shooting Danny. The doctor reports that Danny needs a kidney transplant. Mary reveals to Jodie that he and Danny had different fathers."
"Danny tells Mary that he's in love with Gwen. Jessica tells Mary that her divorce from Chester is official, and that El Puerco won't have sex with her. Jessica throws a dinner party for El Puerco. Chester announces that he and Annie are engaged. Jodie announces that he and Maggie are an item. Leslie makes another murder attempt on the Tates. Danny gets shot."
"News that Chester is Danny's father rocks the family. Chester reluctantly agrees to donate a kidney to Danny. Jessica is devastated that Mary had a child by Chester. Meanwhile, Jodie and Maggie track Carol and Wendy to a kung-fu fortress in Malibu. Dutch and Eunice try to rekindle their sex life. El Puerco continues to frustrate Jessica with his ""madonna"" complex. After Burt single-handedly brings down the local mob, he becomes an instant celebrity."
"Annie realizes Chester is still in love with Jessica but agrees to marry him anyway. Jessica tries in vain to seduce El Puerco. Burt vows to find Tibbs and make him pay for shooting Danny. The Campbells learn that Danny will need a kidney transplant, which forces Mary to reveal a devastating secret."
"Jessica and Chester announce their divorce. Danny reveals his love for Gwen. Jodie tells the family about his affair with Maggie. At a party for El Puerco, Danny is shot."
"Jessica returns home with El Puerco and his three Juans. Danny asks Gwen to move in with him. Jodie and Maggie, on their way to Alaska to find Wendy, admit their mutual attraction. Burt suffers a crisis of faith."
"Burt sells his construction company to Chester and Dutch. Jodie and Maggie learn that Carol has run off to New Mexico with a carnival fire-eater. Billy rescues Jessica and El Puerco at sea. Danny admits he is attracted to Gwen and asks her to stop turning tricks."
"Jessica consoles a depressed El Puerco and convinces him to fight the revolution from her house in Connecticut. Gwen testifies against Tibbs. Someone is spying on Gwen and Danny. The Tates hold a garage sale to raise cash. Burt and Mary make an appointment for sex. Jodie and Maggie's search for Carol and Wendy leads them to a rowdy saloon."
"Danny finds a hooker who will help bring Tibbs to justice. The cash-poor Tates hold a barbecue. Leslie gets more creative in her efforts to kill Billy. Jessica accepts El Puerco's invitation to spend the night in his tent."
"The Tates and Campbells learn of Jessica's abduction. Billy heads to Malaguay to rescue his mother. Jodie hires a P.I. to find Wendy. Danny and Burt plan to go undercover to bring down Tibbs. Jessica finds herself in the middle of a revolution."
"Chester puts the moves on the maid of honor at Dutch and Eunice's wedding. The blackmail photos of Burt and Danny hit the papers. Despite the breaking scandal, Mary vows to stand by Burt. On her way to the Caribbean for some R&R, Jessica crosses paths with a Latin American revolutionary."
"After Burt tells Jodie there's nothing the law can do to help find Wendy, Jodie takes matters into his own hands. Jessica returns home from the hospital. Eunice and Dutch announce their engagement, much to Chester's horror. Leslie continues her bumbling efforts to kill Billy. Mary receives the blackmail photos of Burt in the motel room. Jessica agrees to allow Chester to live in the poolhouse."
"Jessica tells her suitors that she is moving on with her life--without them. Burt and Danny consider responses to Tibbs' blackmail threats. Polly turns down Danny's marriage proposal, leaving him despondent. Corinne departs for a new life in California. Wendy is kidnapped."
"Dr. Hill revives Jessica, who remains in a coma. Danny and Burt wake up in an adult motel. Mary is relieved to see that her baby is white. Billy dodges Leslie's bullet, which hits Saunders instead. Dutch chooses Eunice over Corinne, who announces she will be moving on soon. Jessica emerges from her coma apparently healthy and surrounded by her many suitors. After the judge learns of Carol's machinations, she awards custody of Wendy to Jodie. Carol threatens Jodie. Burt and Danny receive X-rated pictures of themselves in the motel room."
Season 3 - Soap
Season 2 - Soap
Season 1 - Soap