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Seven Days

"Ever wish you could live your last week all over again? Well, my name's Frank B. Parker, and I do it all the time. I work for a secret government project experimenting in time travel. When things really get screwed up, I'm the guinea pig they send back to take care of it. The catch is, I can only go back 7 days."

Duration: 45 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1998

IMDb: 7.4

Season 3 - Seven Days
"Parker causes the delay of an important Backstep mission to go to New Orleans to prove the innocence of an old friend scheduled for execution for a murder he didn't commit."
"In Russia over 38,000 people are wiped out by Sarin gas, but it is a ploy by a Russian military officer to gain access to Olga and create their own Backstep Sphere."
"A boy with the psychic ability to project fire kills a Canadian trade minister and Parker must stop him and relieve him of his powers."
"Parker must go back to his old mental hospital to work undercover to find a killer who influences others to kill and maim based on astrological patterns."
"Parker must prevent an overzealous officer from launching a nuclear missile during a crisis with Korea."
"A power surge sends Parker into a mirror universe where his colleagues now play threatening roles."
"A militia leader detonates a nuclear bomb in Washington, but the Backstep goes awry when the Sphere goes back without Parker - the team has 7 days to figure out what disaster is coming and resolve it before it's too late, and all they have to help them is a reluctant psychic who was part of one of Mentnor's past experiments."
"An astronaut returns with an alien virus that makes him irresistible to women, and Olga soon finds herself pregnant with a clutch of alien babies."
"Parker must decide whether or not to heed the words of a man who claims to have Backstepped from the far future, and warns that Earth's safety depends on the death of a revered holy man."
"Parker has his hands full when he has to Backstep to prevent the death of the U.S. President's rebellious daughter at the hands of a vicious killer."
"A missile test disaster sends Parker back in time to find a beautiful revenge-minded thief who has stolen the device that will cause the disaster."
"Parker must prevent the U.S. President from being blackmailed after agents of a South American dictator steal his private psychiatric tapes."
"A top secret weapon project test gone awry seemingly kills all life on Earth except Parker, Olga, and Owsley who are deep underground in a secret government facility. Now they must make it back in time to Backstep."
"When Talmadge becomes incapacitated because of an apparent brain aneurysm, Nathan Ramsey is appointed as his successor, and Ramsey immediately begins to implement Parker's removal."
"Unaware that a vengeful Chechen rebel is tracking him, Parker leads terrorists to Project Backstep."
"While on a mission to prevent the murder of the U.S. Attorney General by a religious zealot, Parker is plagued by flashbacks to a disastrous mission in Somalia where the rest of his team were killed."
"Parker ignores phone calls from someone claiming to be an old girlfriend, Deloris, until she carries out her threat to paralyze the nation's air traffic control system."
"Olga and Parker get romantically involved when he backsteps to save her life after she encounters terrorists blowing up an oil line in the wilderness area she's vacationing in."
"Mentnor's post-World War II experiments return to haunt him, as a virus that causes homicidal madness gets loose in an isolated New England village."
"Parker teams with an old friend, a Navy SEAL, to prevent the assassination of the new president of Columbia at a White House state dinner."
"Donovan puts his resignation from the team on hold in order to help Parker with a rescue operation to maintain peace in Bosnia."
"Atmospheric interference causes Parker to return from a back-step with a woman who died fifteen years ago, and whose presence threatens to unravel the fabric of the universe."
Season 2 - Seven Days
Season 1 - Seven Days