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Sensitive Skin

Davina and her husband Al try to revamp their lives as they struggle with the uncertainties of middle age.

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 7

Season 2 - Sensitive Skin
"Davina suffers another loss and faces unresolved issues about Al when a Brazilian stranger enters her life."
"When Orlando surprises Davina with the news that he is getting married to Cheryl, Davina tries to patch things up with her, despite Imaginary Al's objections. Meanwhile, Roger unknowingly hires Veronica's ex-lover Lenny Gordon to represent him at his fraud trial, with painful consequences for all of them. And, after repeated efforts, Davina finally finds the courage to say goodbye to Al."
"Davina is thrilled when Orlando makes contact after an absence of several months and impulsively invites Orlando and Cheryl to stay at the houseboat. She soon discovers that Cheryl is not exactly the angel that Orlando described."
"Davina needs to get rid of Al's clothes now that she's settled onto the houseboat, but she can't bring herself to just give them all away. She tries to fob items off on Sam and Theo, and, when that doesn't work, tries wearing them herself. Her unconventional look catches the eye of David, a charming personal shopper."
"Davina is slowly adjusting to island life when she has a surprising encounter with an old friend whose wife happens to be infamous radio host Sarah Thorn. Davina accepts Sarah's offer to attend her voice workshop."
"Davina is unable to move on while living in the ultra-hip condo. Haunted by memories of Al and their life together, she accepts an offer to bunk with Veronica and Roger, but that arrangement proves a little more complicated than expected. Meanwhile, Theodore puts his real estate license to good use and tries to help Davina find a new home."