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See Dad Run

The story of David Hobbs, who has spent the last decade playing the perfect father on one of TV’s biggest sitcoms. But when the series ends and his wife resumes her own television career, he finds himself cast in his most challenging role to date: handling the day-to-day needs of three kids who've grown accustomed to not having him around. David soon learns that playing a dad on TV is child’s play compared to the real thing.

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2012

IMDb: 5

Season 3 - See Dad Run
"David challenges a wrestler to a televised event in order to impress Joe and his friends."
"When Janie refuses to follow David's rules, she runs away to Marcus' house and David tries everything to get her to come back home. Meanwhile, Emily tries to take advantage of Joe to get close to his new older friend."
"David gets Emily an internship at a news show, and she loves it so much she considers dropping out of school. Meanwhile, Joe and his friends prepare for their talent show performance. Guest Star: Nicole Sullivan."
"While acting as room mother, David finds it to be a lot of work, and tries to get out of it."
"David decides to help Joe build a tree house; Emily gets her first job on Amy's set."
"After Joe's favorite teacher quits to follow his dream, David tries to get the teacher back."
"David takes Joe's scout troop on a camping trip with help from his old crew."
"After being forbidden to drive at night, Emily takes Amy's car and goes to a party; Joe wants more responsibility."
"David thinks Emily is not ready to drive when his coaching makes her nervous; Janie discovers that Dr. Monkey Chunks was run over in the driveway."
"David lets Joe play hooky; feeling guilty, Joe reveals the truth; Amy and Emily want to learn which neighbor is not cleaning up after their dog."
"David thinks that the house is cluttered and asks everyone to make some sacrifices; Kevin tracks down another ``See Dad Run'' fan."
"Joe fears there’s a curse on the Hobbs’ men concerning Valentine’s Day. Elsewhere, Amy finds a necklace and thinks it’s her present, but she’s mistaken."
Season 2 - See Dad Run
Season 1 - See Dad Run