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Second Wives Club

Follow a group of young women who are married to wealthy, older, previously-divorced men, and the baggage that comes along with them.

Duration: 42 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 5

Season 1 - Second Wives Club
"Shiva finally confronts Mohamed about setting a wedding date; Katie plans her grand opening for the tea shop; Veronika prepares to take the most difficult step she could have imagined in her relationship with Michael."
"The girls go to the U.S. Virgin Islands for Shawna's birthday; while Katie continues to place Walter last on her list, she finally decides to do something about it; Veronika finally makes a heart-wrenching decision about Michael."
"Tania and Veronika lick their wounds after their fiery blowout, while Shawna and Lorenzo have an emotional heart-to-heart that could mean the end. Elsewhere, Shiva wants to prove to the other ladies that she's not just "miss perfect" and hosts a camping sleepover. But when Tania arrives with an uninvited guest, the situation quickly takes a turn for the worse."
"Veronika is thrown for a loop when she seeks financial advice to find out what her life would be like without her husband. Tania is upset that she was left out of Veronika's BBQ, and tries to make amends with the group. Shawna is surprised by Lorenzo's reaction when she looks for his support with pursuing her new career. Tania's attempt at reconnecting with Veronika ends in an explosion neither of them expected."
"Veronika struggles with her husband's infidelities. Katie preps for her Grand Opening and inspection test. Shiva and Mohamed make a bet to see who can find a girlfriend for Shiva’s brother."
"Shawna enlists Katie and Tania to help with her acting headshots, but off-handed comments cause tension between them. Veronika finds out the truth about her husband's affair and questions the viability of their marriage."
"Veronika is confronted with a heartbreaking revelation in her marriage that sets her up for the fight of her life. Shawna interviews with an acting agent in hopes of stepping out of her famous hubby's shadow. Shiva, Mohamed and their mansion partake in a glamorous cover shoot for Harpers Bazaar Interior."
"Meet the women whose marriages to the previously married are just as complicated as their friendships. Tania's save-the-dates exclude some women and Shiva questions Mohamed's commitment. Shiva questions Mohamed’s commitment to marriage after a two-year engagement and no wedding date in sight."