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Second Jen

In Toronto, best friends Jennifer “Jen” Wu and Jennifer “Mo” Monteloyola decide to become roommates when Mo's parents move back to the Philippines and Jen takes the opportunity to live independent from her Chinese immigrant parents. They move into a rooming house apartment where they meet housemates eager Lewis and mellow Nate whose new friendship encourages the girls to not give up on the challenges of their newly independent lives.

Duration: 22 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 2.7

Season 2 - Second Jen
"Jen and Mo navigate the online dating world to find dates to go to an escape room."
"Jen starts a new job where she's forced to wear a skimpy uniform and deal with touchy customers; Mo attends a sexual harassment seminar."
"Things get complicated as Jen tries for once to be bad, and Mo tries to be good; Mo volunteers at a church fundraiser while Jen walks on the wild side."
"Jen and Mo's change jar is stolen and they must deal with the local authorities and Marcus trying to install an alarm system."
"Jen and Mo are forced to confront their feelings when they attend Karen and Harrison's wedding shower."
Season 1 - Second Jen