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Scott & Bailey

D.C. Rachel Bailey and D.C. Janet Scott have a robust and engaging friendship which enables them to draw upon each other’s strengths and investigate murders for the Manchester Metropolitan Police.
Season 5 - Scott & Bailey
"Rachel is criticised for a lack of progress with the investigation and she knows she must find both a murder weapon and the encryption code used to access the website. However, as the team makes a significant breakthrough in the case, DSI Julie Dodson makes a discovery which jeopardises Rachel's position as Acting DI. Meanwhile, when Janet's attempt to help Taisie results in a complaint, her faith in justice is tested, and both Scott and Bailey have life-changing decisions to make about their futures."
"After the body of teenager Will Hudson is discovered in a Manchester park, Rachel is certain that his death could have been prevented."
"Rachel returns to Syndicate 9 following a year with Vice and she needs some time to rekindle her neglected friendship with Janet. The shocking murder of Michael Edgerton forces her to hit the ground running as she steps up to Acting DI under the watchful eye of Julie Dodson."
Season 4 - Scott & Bailey
Season 3 - Scott & Bailey
Season 2 - Scott & Bailey
Season 1 - Scott & Bailey