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A provocative drama that explores modern marriage at its midpoint. Through the lens of one couple, Neil Truman and his wife, Grace, this series answers the question, “What do you do when having it all is not enough?” by delving into their shocking and unconventional choices.

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 5.1

Season 2 - Satisfaction
"Neil and Grace get their new business off the ground while Adriana plans to keep Neil in her life for good!"
"Neil helps Simon unravel a family mystery while Adriana and Grace unite to outwit a threatening foe!"
"Neil and Grace extricate Anika from a dangerous situation after experiencing a mind altering drug trip!"
"Neil and Grace endeavor to win back Bastion's lost investors while Adriana interferes in a family matter!"
"Neil and Grace push the limits of their newfound connection while Adriana throws a kinky 1950's themed party!"
"Neil and Adriana's conflict spills out into Bastion while Grace dips her toes back into the dating world!"
"Neil and Simon legitimize their partnership while Adriana introduces Grace to the world of BDSM!"
"Neil and Simon come to a tenuous business alliance; Adrian a helps Grace expand her business boundaries."
"Neil and Grace delve further into the escort business. A ghost from Simon's past shows up at his front door."
"Neil and Grace face their infidelities of the past six months. Adriana plots to keep Neil and Grace apart."
Season 1 - Satisfaction