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The adventures of Katherine ' Kit' Bridges who relocates to England when her father joins the faculty at Covington Academy, an elite equestrian boarding school.

Duration: 23 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 7

Season 1 - Ride
"Kit helps Elaine find a new horse for the Gala; Elaine agrees to help Kate solve a mystery; the guys help Will study."
"Rudy receives a job offer; Kit considers leaving Covington after a magazine article comes out; a devastating discovery."
"Kit must convince Lady Covington to let her compete in the Gala race; Josh and Anya try to improve their rankings; Nav's cousin visits."
"Kit and Nav go in search of TK; a surprise party doesn't go as planned."
"Kit reveals more than she should to a journalist; Will faces expulsion; Nav tries to fix a roommate problem."
"Kit is told that she must ride, or risk being expelled; Kit begins to question what she knows about her mother; Rudy takes the boys camping."
"Nav, Josh, Peaches and Kit work together to get TK back after he's taken away; Will accidentally makes things worse with Kit."
"Kit and TK try to win the House Cup after most of Rose Cottage gets food poisoning; Kit discovers who has been leaving notes for her."
"Kit and Anya get into a fight after Kit learns of Anya's secret; Will trains Josh for the House Cup."
"Will tries to fix things with Kit; Anya worries about attending a royal ball."
"Kit has a hard time forgiving Will; Kit wants to throw an American tea party for Lady Covington."
"After an accident, Kit struggles to regain TK's trust; Anya reveals a secret."
"Elaine struggles to balance her duties and Kit's training; the boys want to win a competition; Anya panics."
"Kit almost misses an appointment and blames Elaine; Anya and Nav go overboard on a project."
"Kit is running out of time to conquer her fear; Anya tries to be more independent; Will and Nav compete."
"Kit has to find a way to ride TK; Elaine will do anything to win; Will and Nav want to ask Kit to the Gala."
"Kit is thrilled to be at The Covington Academy until she realizes she'll be expected to conquer her biggest fear - riding a horse. But after bonding with TK, a difficult horse at the Academy, she'll do whatever it takes to stay."