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Return to Amish

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Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 5.7

Season 5 - Return to Amish
"Jeremiah, Carmela, Ada, Dawn, and Lowell gather for Shelly’s wedding; Shelly hopes that her Mennonite mother will come to her English wedding; Lowell and Lisa prepare for the unexpected arrival of their babies."
"Jeremiah and Ada must decide the future of their donut stand business; Mary learns her fate with the Amish Church; Shelly meets her biological mother; Lowell finds out surprising news about his baby during an ultrasound; Dawn reveals a dark secret."
"Jeremiah makes a desperate plea for Carmela to return; Dawn and Shelly go full English; Lowell must make a difficult call to his Mennonite parents; Mary takes a risk that could threaten her standing in the Amish community; Sabrina says goodbye."
"Despite initial success with the donut stand, tensions mount between Jeremiah and Carmela; Lowell decides to get a makeover; Mary must confront an Amish woman speaking out against her to the Bishop; Sabrina works at the donut stand."
"Jeremiah faces challenges as he opens his donut stand for the first time; Mary attends church for the first time since returning home; Shelly debates whether she should contact her biological mother; Dawn wonders about going home."
"Lowell, Shelly and Dawn rebel against Jeremiah's rigid rules and explore the English world; Mary must find a way to please the Bishop; Sabrina tries to make things right with Jeremiah; Jeremiah's temper creates problems."
"Jeremiah and Carmela introduce Lowell, Shelly and Dawn to the English world. Drama unfolds between Shelly and Lowell and threatens to ruin everyone’s time. Sabrina reacts to news of her father’s death. Mary wonders if the Amish community will welcome her back."
"Mary must decide if she will rejoin the Amish church. Jeremiah and Carmela make a risky decision to save their marriage. Sabrina must prove to Jeremiah that she’s changed. Shelly, Lowell, and Dawn decide to explore the English world."
Season 4 - Return to Amish
Season 3 - Return to Amish