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Red Rose

When one of a group of friends downloads the mysterious Red Rose app, plans change. What starts innocently as a game of admiration rapidly descends into something much darker.

Duration: 45 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2022

IMDb: 7.1

Season 1 - Red Rose
"As the gang finally get close to the heart of Red Rose, they face a dilemma they could never have imagined. How much more will they have to sacrifice to destroy it? And to what extent will they triumph over, or succumb to, their own personal demons? Can something like Red Rose truly be destroyed…?"
"The endgame is in sight, but together or apart, they’re all under threat."
"Dawn turns to dusk, as secrets threaten to shatter an already fractured group, pushed to the limit."
"Time is running out, so the gang change tack. Red Rose has other plans – and shows them there’s no escape."
"Away from Bolton, the friends are surprised by what they find. But the more they understand, the wider Red Rose casts its net."
"It feels like history is repeating itself. But how do you resist something when it’s turning not only your friends but the town itself against you?"
"Red Rose digs deeper, manipulating and isolating, demonstrating its power."
"Summer stretches out in front of a group of teenage mates from Bolton. But when one of them downloads a mysterious app called Red Rose, their plans change."