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Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People

Drama series depicts the life of Hong Gil-Dong who is the the first revolutionist and dissident activist in Joseon.

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 4.1

Season 1 - Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People
"Gil Dong’s memories are back and he returns home to find that his father is still alive. To prepare for his revenge, Gil Dong goes around looking for his father’s old members. Gil Dong states that he will seek his revenge with Prince Choong Won and that he is ready to be worse than just a thug."
"Gil Dong and Uh Ri Ni jump into the water, and Gil Dong gets hit by arrows. He safely brings himself and his sister to shore before he passes out. While retrieving water for him, Uh Ri Ni gets kidnapped. Meanwhile, Gil Dong loses his memory."
"Ah Mo Gae’s men find Yeo Mi, Prince Choong Won’s runaway servant. They cut her hair and lie that she has died. Ah Mo Gae’s children and men struggle to get him out of prison. He asks Heo Tae Hak to let him see Prince Choong Won. Much to his surprise, he meets once again with Lord Jo’s wife."
"Many years have passed and Gil Dong is now a young man. Unlike the past, he has lost his mighty strength and travels on foot, selling women’s merchandise. His father, Ah Mo Gae, has become the most powerful man in Ikhwa-ri. Meanwhile, Gil Dong meets Gong Hwa and Ga Ryung. The former tells him that she’d like the King to become her lover."
"After being threatened by Ah Mo Gae, Lord Jo’s wife tells the magistrate that it wasn’t Ah Mo Gae who killed Lord Jo. After being set free and no longer a slave, he moves to Ikhwa-ri with his children. There, he and his entourage start selling goods, and he gradually gains power."
"Gil Dong spots his father coming out of Lord Jo’s house covered in blood. Lord Jo’s wife tells the district magistrate that it must’ve been Ah Mo Gae who murdered her husband since he has a grudge against him. Ah Mo Gae is beaten and imprisoned. Meanwhile, Lord Jo’s uncle tells the district magistrate that it was actually Gil Dong who attacked him."
"The fish sell well and Ah Mo Gae comes home with money. He decides to become a free man along with his entire family and secretly gathers money so that he can pay for their freedom. He continuously reminds Gil Dong to control his anger and to hide his strength from others. Meanwhile, Ah Mo Gae’s wife tells him that she is pregnant."
"It is the winter of 1505. Gil Dong is born to Ah Mo Gae and his wife, who are both servants living in their master’s house. Since he was born, Gil Dong has shown unusual, physical strength. There has been a legend about the Mighty Child who, if born, will be killed by the King."